Tim Burton’s Netflix Series Review: Today’s Blog

Tim Burton’s Netflix Series Review: Today’s Blog

There is something wrong with Wednesday by Tim BurtonSomething that doesn’t convince, something that irks even is Wednesday Addams herself, the heroine of this new Netflix series that purports to tell the story of an iconic Addams family but, in the end, turns out to be anything but interesting or worthy of becoming the hero of a TV series. Tim Burton created a series that looked promising but flitted between the fantasy and dark mystery genres, to the point of passing through teen dramas without ever being able to find its rightful place and tell a story where it was brought to the screen. , was none other than the unbearable cynicism of its hero the worst character, as well as the only one who never evolves and does not show the slightest bit of inner change.

Conspiracy Wednesday Revolving around a mystery to be solved, this mighty killer beast must be identified and despite a few movie references thrown in here and there like the ambiance Harry Potter Or a remake of the legendary prom blood scene curry Created by Brian De Palma, this series fails to engage the viewer at all, on the contrary, it alienates him.

Tim Burton may have made some errors of judgment thinking that Wednesday’s character, an emotionless, sarcastic and expressionless girl could somehow please and charm an audience but it didn’t. Even the most minor characters in the story prove more interesting than they are, and if there was anyone who could give an extra push to this somewhat simplistic plot, it was the characters played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzm├ín, Morticia, and Gomez Addams for whom, however, he was booked. Quite a few scenes, as well as Uncle Fester.

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Boring, repetitive, not very dynamic and a heroine so closed within the walls of her cynicism that it becomes unbearable, this eight-episode series makes you want to give it up after only the first episode and maybe it’s for the best because even when you get to the end you won’t have received much emotion.

Score: 5

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