The female scientists. Women-Made Science Week has begun

The female scientists.  Women-Made Science Week has begun

From Monday 14 to Friday 18 March, the Galilean plexus in Modena will be transformed into a large scientific cultural laboratory dedicated to female scientists. The title of the Science Week organized by Comprehensive Institute Schools 2 is actually “Inspirational Girls. Women Who Made Science.”

Glaciologist Heidi Sylvester will open the 10th edition of the event covering the entire educational community: children, teachers and parents become trained scientists. The video tribute to the French scientist will be the Education Adviser to the Municipality of Modena Grazia Barracci and the Director of IC2 Antonella Stellato in Live broadcast on Meet at 12.

Today’s program will continue at Cinema Raffaello with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders attending the “Course and the Lost City”. Then, in off-school hours, there will be workshops for young scientists dedicated to chemistry in Marie Curie’s footsteps, physics to discovering magnetism with astrophysicist Marica Branches and to the fluid world explored by mathematician Sophie Germain.

Throughout the week, each class will meet scientists, attend science shows, go to the movies, read books, and tackle issues like melting ice, the problem of plastic waste in the seas, life in space, and paleontology: all through the eyes of science. woman. In off-school hours, there will also be coding, chemistry, paleontology, biology/microbiology, and parent-run astronomy labs. At the end of this tenth edition, a scientific presentation on the life of cosmonaut “Valentina Tereshkova”, curated by Le Playady.

The event is organized by the teachers of the complex, in cooperation with the Committee of Friends of Galileo, and sponsored by the Municipality of Modena and will include all children of the school and the comprehensive school, about 1200.

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