The best free apps to record audio using your smartphone

The best free apps to record audio using your smartphone

It is possible to record audio content via your smartphone on both iPhone and Android devices thanks to applications that the device manufacturers themselves provide for free. Alternatively, third-party apps are found in major stores.

Record audio with your smartphone – [credit: ninefotostudio/shutterstock]

Sometimes you may need to Record audio with your smartphone. Whether it's a reminder, an idea for a new project, a conversation so you don't forget (ask the interviewer's permission) or a snippet of a piece of music playing on TV or radio to use as a ringtone… There may be many reasons why you want to record audio. Fortunately, you don't have to scratch your head left and right looking for a smartphone app that can do this. Many smartphone manufacturers offer their apps pre-loaded on their devices. Other times, manufacturers offer their own apps that are not pre-loaded but can be downloaded from your device's store. You can't find anything better, these are official apps, free and without ads.
However, if someone is not satisfied with these official applications, it is possible to find alternative applications on your smartphone store, but pay attention to the fact that these applications may be free because they support ads or they may be paid.

How to record audio using your smartphone

Smartphone owners appleHence iPhone users can use the official app.Voice memosFrom Apple to record audio using iPhone. The app can be found in the Apple App Store but there is no need to download it as it comes pre-loaded on iOS. This app is also available on iPad (iPadOS) and Apple Watch (WatchOS), so you can record audio via the smartwatch on your wrist with file transfer and then to a connected iPhone or iPad.

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Screenshots of Apple Voice Memos app on iPhone
Apple Voice Memos iPhone app to record audio on iPhone – [credit: AppStore]

As for the hardware AndroidAll major smartphone manufacturers offer a pre-loaded voice recorder. Some manufacturers offer it but it is not preloaded, it has to be downloaded manually from your smartphone store.
Starting as a leading supplier of Android smartphones, Samsung It offers its own “Voice Recorder” app, available for its Galaxy devices: not only smartphones but also tablets and smartwatches. In the latter case, you can install the app on your Galaxy Watch to record audio from your wrist while transferring the recordings to a connected Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet. The Samsung app on smartphones also provides functionality Convert audio to text, which basically transcribes the words the program detects into audio files. Furthermore, on devices with Galaxy AI, this application provides a function called “Transcription Assistant”.

Voice Recorder app screens on Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Voice Recorder app on Galaxy smartphones –

Even on smartphones Huawei And Xiaomi A built-in voice recorder is available, as in Android smartphones of other brands. Almost all audio recording apps for smartphones work the same way: once you open them, just press the red-icon button to start recording audio through the device's built-in microphones. Audio files are saved and stored locally on the device, and some apps also allow you to edit the recordings to remove any parts. Recordings can be accessed from the application itself, or from a file archive, and can usually be found inside the folder named 'Voices'.

Screenshots of Voice Recorder app on Huawei
Voice Recorder app screens on Huawei –

Alternative applications

It is possible to find alternative applications to the official audio recording applications in your smartphone store – the App Store on iPhone and the Play Store on Android. Just search like “Sound Recorder“,”Sound Recorder“,”Sound Recorder'or'Voice memo'. However, we do not recommend using apps from third-party developers if they are not well known. This is because it is difficult to determine how recorded information is used by applications.
If you don't really want to opt for third-party apps, the most popular apps for iPhone and iPad can be found in the Store app.Voice Recorder – Voz“By Hue Nguyen,”registered” by Turbokey Studio and “Sound RecorderBy TapMedia Ltd. For Android devices, however, you can find the Play StoreMusic cutter, audio editor“,”MP3 voice recorder“,”Easy voice recorder' And 'Voice and audio recorder'. Be aware that many of these apps contain ads and in-app purchases.

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