Do you want to come to us? Paulo Dybala's phone rings: In Rome they can hardly believe it

Do you want to come to us?  Paulo Dybala's phone rings: In Rome they can hardly believe it

Exciting transfer background for Paulo Dybala. Before Rome, another offer reached Goya. The news left everyone in a daze!

What the future for Paulo Dybala? Despite the fame and admiration enjoyed by A Rome They feed for Goya Argentina, it is not yet clear where his future will be. There are those who confirm that the former Juventus player is ready to swear his love for the Capitoline club again, and thus sign a renewal of the contract that currently expires in. 2025. But at the moment there is no certainty, with another party willing to bet on it Dybala He will bid farewell to the Gyalurussian colors at the end of the season.

At this moment, the only thing that is certain is the impact it will have Goya He has it on the field. When he's not injured, his contribution is very clear. to 30 years, Paulo is still the player who can single-handedly and suddenly change the fate of a match. And he knows it well Jose Mourinho, He considers him his student par excellence. Dybala He is this: a unique footballer, who despite various physical ailments does not take much to make up for his absence.

And right from Jose Mourinho Her near future may depend.

Mourinho and Dybala, two fates linked?

There is no doubt that one of the main reasons why Paulo Dybala Being on the bench has previously been the Giallorossi's issue Jose Mourinho. A discussion that could apply to other purchases for the company RomeBut who has a more significant impact on the Argentine. It is no coincidence that according to various sources, if Mourinho If he leaves DC at the end of the season, he could do the same Dybala.

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In short, it is as if a large part of the club's prestige runs through these two very charismatic figures. At the same time, it seems as if the only future for… Dybala Passed through selections Mourinho. Meanwhile, an exciting market backdrop is emerging. If it wasn't there Special onOn the Giallorossi bench, would Paolo have accepted another Italian club’s offer? Let's find out who he is.

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Dybala, another offer from the Italian League before Roma

Yes. Before agreeing to a proposal Rome, Paulo Dybala He received another tempting, but perhaps less prestigious, offer. he was there Fiorentina to Rocco Commisso Search for Goya Concretely, trying to convince him of his young and convincing project. However, there was nothing that could be done. After departure on free transfer to JuventusPaolo waited for an offer firstInterBut it's too late. Finally, he preferred to follow Jose Mourinho And his “European” project in Rome.

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