Doctor Montserrat Romaguera: “Physical activity is useful for preventing diseases”

Doctor Montserrat Romaguera: “Physical activity is useful for preventing diseases”

A small part of 150 minutes of physical activity per week I can help Preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer Thus preventing premature deaths. This is what the doctor from Sabadell defended Montserrat Romagueracoordinator of the Physical Exercise Group of the Catalan Association of Family and Community Medicine (CAMFiC) and author of the book My doctor takes me for a walkin an interview with Radio Café In conjunction with the anniversary World Physical Activity Day Every April 6th.

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Montserrat Romaguera, CAMFIC: “Every person has an individual prescription for physical activity”

The doctor stressed that regular physical activity has been proven to be “beneficial” and that incorporating it into the daily routine can prevent the use of some medications. That's why, in your consultation, Romaguera This describes physical activity As a formula to avoid prescribing medications to treat some diseases.

“Patients who come to counseling expect to take medication because it is difficult to change lifestyle habits. Once we have a pattern, it is difficult to break it.”

“Currently, we spend long hours sitting, people glued to screens and living a very sedentary life. We need to encourage trips on foot or by bike.”

the doctor Montserrat Romaguera He added that physical activity must adapt to each person's reality because not everyone has the same needs.

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