Barcelona, ​​among the 10 most desirable cities in the world to enjoy Christmas

Barcelona, ​​among the 10 most desirable cities in the world to enjoy Christmas


Catalonia is one of the destinations favored by foreigners to break away during holidays due to the range of activities and pleasant climate

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25.12.2023 05.30 h.

While Strasbourg is the capital of Christmas or Le Parkare that makes Catalans fall in love, Barcelona It is not far behind and is among the “Top 10” of the most desirable cities in the world to enjoy Christmas. On this occasion, Booking presented a report in which London, Paris and Tokyo top searches conducted by international travelers who want to enjoy the celebrations in unique locations.

The ranking also includes cities that are part of quintessential Christmas movies, such as Rome, New York, Amsterdam, Bangkok and Dubai. The provincial city ranks seventh, while Madrid It is placed in fifth position. More Spanish cities follow, including Seville, Malaga, Valencia, Granada, Adeje and Benidorm.

The “power” of Madrid

However, the data also shows that 'strength'. Madrid Not only is it cosmopolitan, it is also a favorite destination for Spaniards to enjoy Christmas dates, just as the bridge was last December.

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It should be noted that Catalonia and the rest of Spain have become one of the favorite destinations for foreigners due to the wide range of coastal areas and the pleasant climate found in most parts of the territory. In this way, the United Kingdom, France and Germany are the three countries that will visit our country the most this Christmas. However, Italians, Portuguese, Poles, Dutch, Americans and Irish complete this ranking of the ten countries that will visit Spain the most.

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Cities Strategy for Christmas

Media Christmas tree in Badalona | ACN

It is indeed Christmas in Catalonia, but not just today, but for weeks. And tell the city Badalona. Shortly after Castañada and a month before the celebration of distinction, the official lighting was switched on as a magnificent Christmas tree made up of 82,000 lights, 40 meters high and 15 meters in diameter, was lit up in Badalona. The goal was to compete for the largest tree in Spain and, at the same time, break a historical record. More than 50,000 people crowded into Plaça President Tarradellas to witness this Christmas event, which had a significant impact on the turnover of local businesses. Despite the festive atmosphere, the cities' strategy is not limited to a “simple tree.” In the case of Badalona, ​​this has been reversed 1.7 million euros In decoration all over the city. And the pride of the citizen: “Who has the best tree in Catalonia, Spain and the world is Badalona.”

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After competing for a few weeks with the mayor of Vigo, Abel KnightTo find out who retained the title of largest tree in Spain, it seems that neither of them took it. It will not be any municipality that will win the competition, but rather a shopping mall. By point from Rac1tree Shopping in NevadaIn Granada it is 57 meters high and is the winner.

Out of curiosity, just in case FigoOnce again, it is at the forefront of spending on street lighting during the Christmas campaign, with an investment of more than $2.37 million (to which must be added other items for other decorative elements, activities and leisure facilities), which is four times more than what the next Galician city in this ranking spends , and he OurenseWith a match of approximately 600 thousand euros. In the case of Figo, they estimate the return on investment at 750 million euros.

In Badalona, ​​more than 1.7 million euros were invested in Christmas decorations

Some days we talk about the number of light bulbs and the meters measured by trees, but if there is a key number in Christmas campaigns, it is the economic return that residents leave in the rain of thousands of euros in the shops. This is actually the argument politicians use for investments: how many locals and tourists pick up the decorations and what is the balance between hospitality and trade. It seems that Badalona will have a lot to say this year, as will Barcelona and Madrid. We'll see soon.

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Bonustrack: the Catalan capital reveals its charm

Santa Lucia Fair this year | iStock

Barcelona reveals all its magic. On these very special dates the city becomes a stage full of proposals to suit all ages and tastes. From the decoration of its streets to the city's centuries-old traditions, including all kinds of activities by the sea. For many, the Catalan city on these dates is a “vibrant place” that invites you to immerse yourself in magic. When the holidays approach, Barcelona's nights take on a different color thanks to the Christmas lights. More than 4 kilometers of lights flood the streets, squares and buildings, generating a unique atmosphere.

The center of this festive brilliance is the emblematic Paseo de Gracia, with Casa Batllo I Stone. Within a few kilometers you can find Modernism Complex in San Paoa masterpiece of Catalan modernism, which also features stunning Christmas lighting, just like the Torre Girona de Pedralbes gardens, which houses the installation Ignite naturea song for biodiversity made with over a million LED lights.

More than 4 kilometers of lights bathe the streets, squares and buildings, generating a unique atmosphere in Barcelona

And there too Santa Lucia GalleryLocated in front of the cathedral, in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, it is a meeting place for those looking for handmade decorations, unique gifts and the essence of Christmas. The Sagrada Familia, Old Port and Gran Via markets also join in the celebration, each with its own charm. A bet that captivated international travelers to put Barcelona at the top of the rankings once again. This time with “The Magic of Christmas.”

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