5 things you can do now on your balcony to make it perfect for spring: A little goes a long way

5 things you can do now on your balcony to make it perfect for spring: A little goes a long way

Five precautions are enough to keep the balcony organized and ideal for using it more during the first warm weather.

If interior maintenance must be taken care of, it is necessary to pay more attention to outdoor spaces to protect the items there from the elements. Here's what to do to keep your porch tidy and make it a welcoming space in the light of spring.

Outdoor spaces It requires attention and care all year round. In summer, high temperatures encourage you to spend more time outdoors and therefore you have a greater desire to pay attention to the details of the balcony or take care of the plants on the balcony more easily. However, when winter comes and with it cold temperatures, it seems like the outdoor space is left entirely at the mercy of the elements.

Especially during the cold season, it is necessary to devote time to maintaining the balcony as well as the plants. heed 5 very important stepsyou can get to the next spring without any unexpected events with a livable outdoor environment and plants still in excellent condition.

What to do during the winter: 5 precautions for balcony maintenance

Making time during your routine to care for your outdoor space is extremely important: we reveal five things you absolutely must do to get into the warmer season and have a porch or balcony that can still be used without having to completely overhaul it from scratch.

Upholstery protection prevents corrosion

Five things are enough to make the balcony perfect – DesignMag.it

Firstly, it is basic Keep awnings closed during the winter. They are designed to withstand long hours of sunlight, but are not resistant to rain or bad weather, and can be damaged during the winter. It's also a good idea to make sure you pressure-wash the fabrics and make sure the curtains are dry before closing them.

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It is necessary to dedicate yourself to Maintenance of tools and surfaces, sweep up dry leaves, and keep pots and gardening tools clean. Do not underestimate the handrail: it also needs care due to rust formation, cleaning and repainting. It's crucial Intervention on our seedlingsBecause they are exposed to strong temperature changes, they may suffer serious damage. It is therefore advisable to protect them by moving them indoors or by finding a more protected place on the balcony itself.

Clean filters and drains It allows you to prevent it from being clogged with leaves and dust, and prevents the passage of rain water. Finally you have to Protect outdoor furniture. Although chairs and tables made of polypropylene or wooden are designed to withstand everything, it is always better to remove them and store them in a protected place, as well as pillows or blankets that tend to develop mold stains.

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