Banvi comes out (Millie doesn’t give up), Mamukari doesn’t play the game

Banvi comes out (Millie doesn’t give up), Mamukari doesn’t play the game

Entertainment, controversy and unexpected sophistication were the ingredients with which it was done Millie Carlucci His crew cooked the delicious dish from the third episode of the series Dancing with the stars 2023Really eventful. The first was a moment that surprised the presenter, who seemed clearly surprised when she said at the end of the show: Lino Banfi He announced his intention to retire From transmission. Words that sparked an immediate reaction from the audience who rose in a chorus of “no” and left everyone present in a state of dismay. The actor said that he thought a lot about the decision and wanted to leave room for others, also because he already believes that he took everything he could get in terms of affection from participating in the show. Millie Carlucci asked him to think about his decision until the end of the broadcast, and at the end she repeated this, asking the actor to think about it again, Until next Saturdaywith the stated intention of trying Make him change his mind this week. In fact, Banvi seems very determined and there is a feeling that he will hardly be retraced.

But in addition to this event that marked the third episode of Dancing with the Stars 2023, there were also other important segments during the live evening. Here we discover the best moments and the most memorable ones.


The two “dancers for the night” literally lit up the floor and wowed the audience and jury. Maria Chiara Giannetta and Pierpaolo Sploneyoung actors known to the general public above all for their highly successful fiction Blanca Who performed a beautiful tango dance that ended with thunderous applause from the audience and five dozen judges. Such a beautiful and attractive performance prompted Millie Carlucci to directly ask them to consider the possibility of joining the team of dance contestants for next year. Will we see them test themselves on the track again?

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Among the best moments we also include Better performance From competitors. the usual Wanda Nara Enchant in pas de deux with Pasquale La Roccawhile Antonio Caprarica Surprises by getting excellent approval even from strict judges. Sarah Cross’s performance was also excellent, and at the end of the episode, thanks to the “treasure” system, she collected additional Matano points and found herself at the top of the ranking that excludes social votes. However, the one most appreciated by the judges this evening is Carlotta Mantovan, who performs a very beautiful tango, wrapped in a fiery red dress, finally manages to convey many emotions to the judges who criticized the lockdown. “Top” also deserves it because of the words said at the end of the performance: “I dedicate this dance to all people who are reserved like me, and this does not mean that they do not feel great feelings and cannot convey them.” “.


the A struggle between Selvagia Lucarelli and Ricky Tognazzi (with Simona attribution), I saw another chapter this evening. Igniting the flame that had previously caused a fire in the last episode is the judge who attacks him again at the end of the competitor’s performance for his relationship with his wife instead of judging his performance. Lucarelli even talks about “Stockholm syndrome“, Ricky Tognazzi as “an extension of someone”, or his wife Simona Izzo. At first the director emphasizes that he does not want to argue, that he should reciprocate, but he prefers not to argue with her.” But Lucarelli’s words made him explode: “Do you really want to make me angry?! You are an instigator, this is your job.” Then Simona Iso also intervened to address possible complaints and the tension in the studio rose again. Even more bitter is Tognazzi, who rightfully claims the right to judge his commitment. Her achievements as a dancer are not limited to anything outside the context of the program.

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Another conflict, also predictable, arises from the usual polemical confrontation between Selvagia Lucarelli, but also the other judges, and Teo Mamokari. The confusion here is for the competitor because, once again, between a smile and a joke, he cannot accept well what is revealed to him regarding the performance, and he blames himself for any criticism. A situation that flies in the face of the program, which is primarily a great game. It should be taken as such. Mammucari, on the other hand, seems pretty good at playing when he has to playfully target others, but when he’s in the center of the game, he seems to have a much more difficult time.

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