Here is the explanation of the science

Here is the explanation of the science

The last case of Lady Trevignano Visible revival statue Madonna cryingPeriodically It returns to occupy Italian recordsEspecially these the television who indulged in this news. See broadcast like Live life in Raiuno or the fifth afternoon on Canale 5.

but What is the interpretation of science About the weeping Madonna statue? Below we see the various rational explanations offered for the phenomenon, with the premise that this article Not intended to distort Any present, past or future phenomenon. And no question The good will of those who believe in it.

Statue of the Weeping Madonna: the most sensational case in Italy

There are many instances of weeping Madonna statues Starting from the twentieth centuryIe since when The growing power of the media (First printed paper, then television and today the Web) made these phenomena better known. And so Popular, desirable and frequent.

Furthermore, there has been an increase in cases initiated since the 1990s, Perhaps the desire to do so has increased Take advantage of divine intervention compared to a company With an increasingly uncertain future And free from those traditional reference values.

One of the first cases to become a national phenomenon is that of Montechiari Fontanelle, in the Brescia regionWhere was she A series of appearances in the 1940s.

The issue caused a sensation In February 1995, when she was in Civitavecchiain home Fabio Gregorya plaster statuette of the Madonna begins to flow from her eyes red liquid. This phenomenon immediately attracted to the region thousands of people And as mentioned, it was reported with focus From newspapers and television. Then, after several tears, the fluid was taken, analyzed, and it turned out to be his Human blood (although male).

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The statue was purchased Medjugorjeknown area Herzegovina The scene of many Marian apparitions Starting in 1981 However, these apparitions have never been recognized by the Catholic Church as authentic. Here we talked about the Medjugorje phenomenon.

Moreover, they are known to sell in this area, Among the many souvenirsAnd the Madonna statues Contains red powder which takes effect after a certain period of time In order to add a touch ofrealismOn the statue he cries what looks like blood. The suspicion is that someone, in the case of Civitavecchia, put himself in it.

Moreover, perhaps also on the wave of this news coming from the port city of Lazio, in 1995 about Italy there were Various reports This is amazing.

Back in time, at home drI’m Teresa Moscowa woman from Caserta who was introduced stigmatahappened In the seventies hundreds of episodes Bleeding from pictures of Jesus and Mrs.

However, the only tear officially sanctioned by ecclesiastical authorities is the tear of Syracuse, which dates back to the past Until 1953. for several days, between August and September That year at the couple’s home Justi Januso’s tears fell from the gypsum and majolica relief depicting the Immaculate Heart of Mary. which the couple received a few weeks ago as a wedding gift. A few drops of liquid were taken, which upon analysis In fact it turned out to be of similar composition to human tears.

However, even in this case, the intervention of the lady is likely Antonieta JanusoShe, who was pregnant at the time, had actually been posing for weeks Hysterical outburstswith “attacks», Fainting spells and periods of temporary blindness.

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Statue of the Weeping Madonna: Explaining the Science

As he writes Roberto Surgo on his blog, road To be manufactured The weeping Madonna made it clear Luigi Garlacelli of SICAPItalian Claims Control Commission Pseudoscience. Basically, you need to get one hollow statue (or a basic pattern) in the article porous (eg stucco), painted b glazed patina.

Then, to generate miraculous tears, The required liquid is poured into the cavity of the statue. At this point, the porous material absorb liquid But the outer patina prevents him from escaping; After that enough Practice in the right places (Obviously at eye level, maybe two slots noUnderglaze paint, so that the liquid flows, making the Madonna statue cry And they cry out for a miracle.

If you want, for the more sophisticatedTic and Daring, it’s also possible to build a battery powered device, equipped b Small remote control Like the ones commonly used to open car doors. By activating the tool, the solenoid valve is connected to the syringe You are allowed to inject The chosen liquid in the statue if desired.

Also, in order to make more authentic the “miracle“The weeping Madonna is appropriate Get two identical statuesAnd One equipped with the device and the other notas well as quarry and flood, to be able to secretly replace. The untouched and complete statue will come from the outside damp or stained from the blood and can be delivered to who would like to examine it And they should, at least that is Hope Those who make some tricks, admit the miracle.

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Madonna di Trevignano weeping: what’s behind it?

As he explains Mediaset Infinitysaid a lady Correspondent Mattino Cinque – Broadcasts conducted by Federica Panicucci – who for years, When the weather changes or when the statue is moved to the front of the house, Madonna will nominate. Then I put it in the sun for an hour and it stopped. which also repeats itself For the other four statues purchased in the same place.

the Sculptor Maganyinia guest in the studio, thinks it’s all down to Climate issue:

Materials that can be chemically prepared are used. Trevignano is a special city in which there is a local tropical climate and even bananas are born there

In my opinion, it is not a very mystical phenomenon, because it can also occur in restorations

So, Trevignano’s little Madonna will cry to climatic effect, will be single Oozing of material. But as stated in the editorial, each He is free to make up his own mind And to believe that she is crying.

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