Science and technology for the future that is already here

Science and technology for the future that is already here

Milan – “What we decide today determines our future, Which therefore, in a sense, is already here. This forces us to make choices, often related to science and technology, so we must make them by weighing the pros and cons. Possessing this ability is what the Anglo-Saxons call scientific “citizenship.” Barbara Galafotiscientific communication, One of Superquark’s historical signatureswill return in prime time on Rai3, starting January 13 for four episodes, with its in-depth science programme “Fifth Dimension”. “I am happy to be able to do this again at Al-Rai where it is possible to provide a public service by talking about these issues.”

Let’s talk about artificial intelligence. There are those who demonize it and those who use it as an excuse. How to approach?

“With an open mind: it’s a tool, we just have to decide how to use it. I always give the example of the first blade that could be used to cut fruit or attack a neighbour… Artificial intelligence in many ways is no different from that first blade. We were impressed that some “Software is taking over jobs that we have always considered only human, but we must understand how to manage this new tool that will revolutionize the labor market, and ensure that it helps us carry out our duties. The better part.. .human.”

Obtaining scientific citizenship, where have we reached in Italy?

“It is being built day by day but to do this we must gain the awareness that we have the right to it. I am very proud of the project that was started with the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan in collaboration with the British Science Foundation, the Media Center “For Every Understanding”. Through this project we provide citizens with an expert perspective on issues that concern science and technology and that are the focus of public debate. We have a web page and hold face-to-face meetings where informed citizens can guide political decision-makers, and expect them to take scientific findings into account, although Many personal aspects certainly also enter into our decisions, and it would not be logical to hope for “scientific.” For example, everyone seems to be afraid of the costs of environmental transformation but does not take sufficient account of the benefits it entails either directly or in terms of recruitment.

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A generation of young people is growing up who suffer from environmental anxiety, what to do?

“They feel the difficulty of the situation more than anyone else. They often tell me, in various meetings, that they ‘feel like they are running towards the abyss while no one is doing anything.’ And in European countries where these issues are felt more deeply,” as In Great Britain, yes they form groups to fight environmental anxiety: they also meet to decide what actions to take together. “There is much more to be done on a collective and individual level to combat climate change.”

From atoms to the discovery of the universe, in his latest book, The Universe Within Me, he presents scientific grain

“A book for children but it will hold the attention of adults. It is almost a Chinese box game, as it starts from the elementary particles that make up atoms to gradually reach the definition of matter, with many curiosities and answers to the different reasons behind it. Science.”

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