“Covid, why so many deaths?” Science opens for investigation

“Covid, why so many deaths?”  Science opens for investigation

According to the World Health Organization in Europe, our country has the highest mortality rate per million inhabitants -.

The ever-decreasing curves of both hospitalized patients and new positive cases of Sars-CoV-2 don’t make us forget that Covid-19 will continue to be a part of our daily lives, and will pose some challenges: first and foremost in light of the upcoming elections, but primarily in the school sectors. and work. However, experts also ask for clarification of a fact that continues to put Italy at the bottom of the ranking, at least in Europe: the deaths from Covid-19.

Yesterday, 10,418 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded, according to the Ministry of Health. There were 75 deaths, the number of people currently in (-11733) and the number of people admitted to intensive care (-7) is decreasing, while their number has increased in regular wards (+74). The virologist has taken up the topic of the high number of deaths in our country – not new – in recent days Roberto Burione (San Raffaele Hospital in Milan), also complains about the poor prescribing of the antiviral drug baxolvid compared to azithromycin (for Covid). In fact, comparing the data of the European region of the World Health Organization (WHO), it turns out that Italy is at the bottom of the ranking among some large western countries: in fact, the preliminary data for deaths per million inhabitants is 1.761 in Germany, 2280 in France, 2368 in Spain, 2754 in the UK, and 2,929 in Italy.

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Even Sweden, which is often criticized for its too “restrictive” policies, has a better figure: 1,905 deaths per million inhabitants. «I would also like to have some accurate data – notes the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti (San Martino Hospital in Genoa) -. That is why I support the establishment of a medical investigation committee to ascertain the number of recent deaths that occurred due to Covid and the number of people who tested positive for the swab, but died for a completely different reason.”

Adding: “I’ve been saying this for some time: Either we count deaths poorly, and in my opinion this is the most likely explanation, because if you go in with Covid, even when you die you stay in that cauldron, or less. It’s likely to me, that they treat Bad treatment: Antivirals are not given when needed, a lot of antibiotics are given.” Agrees Walter Ricciardi (Professor of hygiene at the Catholic University of Rome and advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza): “We are dying more from Covid and we need to investigate the causes: I will support an investigation. There are various aspects that need to be analyzed and it is not at present possible to give a specific answer.” He adds: « We must see where we die more. We also have many weaknesses and many of them did not take the fourth dose, and many of them until the third.”

according to Giovanni Maga (Director of the CNR Institute for Molecular Genetics) Comparing countries is not easy “because not all countries record deaths in the same way. However, current data indicate that the death rate in Italy is practically identical to that of the United Kingdom, which is slightly higher than what was observed in Spain and France, and much higher than in Germany, but much lower than the average of the United States. “But it identifies That «in Italy, as in most European countries, all people who died positive for a virus are classified as deaths related to Covid-19. Not all of these cases are actually attributable to the direct effect of Sars-CoV2, and sometimes it was from It could have unfortunate outcomes due to the natural course of previous illnesses.”

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As for the upcoming elections, the virologist Fabrizio Brigliasco (University of Milan) is calling for “ways to allow everyone to vote”, including the pros, while epidemiologist Massimo Seccusi (Biomedical Campus in Rome) is asking to make “the mask mandatory at the polls”. A sub-school, with unvaccinated teachers returning to the classroom: “They are in danger,” according to Massimo Galli, an infectious disease specialist (formerly at Sacco Hospital in Milan).

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