Azimut, $175 million convertible bond to boost Sanctuary

Azimut, $175 million convertible bond to boost Sanctuary

Asia continues its positive week thanks to the reopening expected tomorrow Shanghai And Sunday in Beijing both closed, albeit cautiously, pending an understanding of whether central banks, starting with the Federal Reserve, can raise interest rates to curb inflation without hampering growth.

At 7:05 am, Italy’s Hong Kong rose 0.63%, Shanghai 0.90%, Nikkei lost 0.22%, while gold lost 0.13% to $1,854.9 an ounce, and US WTI crude oil (+3.2%) rose to 118.75 dollars an ounce. barrels in the wake of the European Union’s partial embargo on Russian crude oil due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Fed Governor Powell speaks today with US President Biden

The dollar is back up 0.3% on average against the major currencies. The euro traded at 1.0747, the yen at 127.99, and the pound at 1.2613, while the markets resume selling 10-year US Treasury bonds, whose yield rose from 2.75% at the beginning of the Asian session to 2.84%, with Wall Street positive. Futures (Nasdaq + 0.6%).

President Joe Biden will hold a rare meeting in the Oval Office on Tuesday with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell as he insists on the highest inflation rate in the economy in decades. Some managers believe that strong selling on the bonds of each …;

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