It is impossible to guess the most common breakdown of electric cars

It is impossible to guess the most common breakdown of electric cars

BEVs (electric car battery) Fresh from production in general does not register many failures. Judging by the latest statistics, it is surprising that the most common malfunctions of electric cars were discovered.

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Data collected in reddit confirm whatdo youthe German Automobile Club that operates roadside assistance and has accurate statistics on the origin of faults.

You know what that is The main reason Who malfunctions electric cars? The answer will leave you speechless.

The most common electric car malfunctions are paradoxical

The ADAC reported that in 2021, there was a 178% increase in emergency calls: this figure is not surprising given the increase in electric vehicles in circulation. Among the 25,000 cases, the percentage of interventions increased to 0.72%, which is still a low percentage, mainly due to the young age of the motor vehicle.

According to the latest recorded statistics, the German Automobile Club reports a ridiculous number: the main reason for emergency requests in Germany is not the battery pack that starts the engine but 12 volt accessory battery.

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The most common electric car malfunctions –

According to the data of 2020, this small lead-acid battery was the main reason for the failure of 54% of cases For 4.4% it is derived from the battery pack (the heart of BEVs), from rechargers or from the engine. These last three components are rarely responsible for failures.

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Reddit confirms the most common cause of electric vehicle failures

Up to the latest data European and American statistics Check this fact: The 12-volt battery (for services, not for drive) is the number one cause associated with needing roadside assistance for an electric car. The reasons for the “behavior” of the battery are not much different from those of thermal cars. Large battery units are not responsible for frequent breakdowns in green cars but a small battery is useful for services.

US site reddit, To understand the most common cause of electric car malfunctions, it included their users. Respondents’ response confirms, once again, the problem: small 12 volt service battery.

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The most common electric car malfunctions –

Why is a 12v battery the Achilles heel of a BEV?

there 12v lead acid battery It is the same used to operate additional services (interior lighting, electric locks, etc.). This compound has a certain mole: it is adversely affected by temperature extremes (freezing or very hot).

The small battery is recharged from the main batteries when the car is running. The biggest danger when it stays Standby for too long Because, without recharging with other batteries, they can be discharged. When this happens, the car will not start, the doors will not open, you cannot open the hood and you have to call for help.

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