Ukraine, live coverage – Pope receives US General Milley. Zelensky: 61 F-16s from Denmark and the Netherlands. Moscow’s anger: ‘There will be an escalation’

Ukraine, live coverage – Pope receives US General Milley.  Zelensky: 61 F-16s from Denmark and the Netherlands.  Moscow’s anger: ‘There will be an escalation’

The Pope receives the American General Milley

in the heart of hearing Pope Francesco With the American general sign millie There were many topics today, including in particular The war in Ukraine. The ink is clear Very worried For the hundreds of thousands of people killed and wounded and the lives of innocent civilians lost.” US military aircraft after the session.
“He is very interested in hearing my views on the state of the war and the human tragedy unfolding in Ukraine,” said the senior officer. Milley – the current chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff – has played a central role in efforts to provide Ukraine with assistance, including military equipment and training, to fight Russian forces.
A devout Catholic, Milli explained that he and the Argentine pontiff also discussed other issues, including “a lot ofAfricaDepth of knowledge world events “The Pope is very impressive,” said the general. “Just being there, having the opportunity to talk to him about the issues of the day…it was real privilegehe commented.

Moscow warns: “Sending F-16s will lead to an escalation of the conflict” – THE POINT

Moscow’s reaction to this choice was long, but ultimately Dutchman And Denmark to deliver F-16 in Kyiv It’s arrived. decision that would lead toescalation conflict ”, according to the Russian ambassador A Copenhagenwhich would to some extent force Ukraine to continue military confrontation with Russia. The Danish Minister of Defense indicated that it is a weapon that can be used “on its soil only.” Jacob Elman Jensen.
The same warning came from United State With the delivery of ammunition a Package. The will is to prevent the conflict from spreading deeply even to Russian soil, which is also why the Allies repeatedly denied Kiev sending weapons to Russia. Long-term. Meanwhile, Russia claims to have thwarted several attacks before Ukrainian drones at home. In the early hours of the day the Moscow region could have been affected, three drones would have been intercepted in the area during the day Belgorod And one on that Kalugawhich may have been directed towards the military airport in the area.
If the drones seem to be working, to see them in the field F16 Instead we have to wait. Training of Ukrainian pilots has already begun, but it will continue for several months, and in any case, the first planes will arrive at the end of the year. They will be the six brought as a dowry from Denmark, which in total must be delivered to Kiev 19 catchDanish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said: 8 more cars will be supplied next year and five more in 2025. However, there are some doubts about the orange planes roadmap. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky He mentioned it over and over again There will be 42that’s the whole fleet, but come on Holland This news has not been confirmed. there SwedenHowever, it did not make any new commitments to Ukraine to supply Gripens to Kiev. According to how, they will be needed in total 128 aircraft Fighters to impose their supremacy on Moscow.
However, Ukraine hopes the F-16s will be one breakthrough to counterattack It struggles to take off and makes allies impatient. Until today, this time from financial timesUS officials returned to talk more and more Critics Towards the strategy that Kyiv has always adopted darker about prospects for success.

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Tajani: We support Turkish peace initiatives and the Pope

Italy defends just peace: which provides for the freedom and independence of Ukraine. We support all initiatives, including those of Türkiye To give life again to the corridor for the delivery of grain to Africa, we also support the peace initiative of the dad FrancisThe Foreign Minister said: Anthony TaganiOn the sidelines of the presentation of Andrea Riccardi’s book “The Cry for Peace” at Fondi.

Putin will participate in the BRICS summit by videoconference

Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin He will participate via video conference BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) scheduled for tomorrow through August 24 A Johannesburg. The Kremlin announced this. Instead, the proceedings will be followed in the presence of the Secretary of State Sergey Lavrov. The Kremlin stresses that Putin will inform other leaders of “priorities Russian presidency of the BRICS, which will start on 2024“.

USA: “US citizens must leave Belarus”

Embassy United States of America to Minskin Warn Posted on her website, I called American citizens Don’t travel in it Belarus For Minsk’s continued support of Moscow in the Ukrainian conflict, the arbitrary enforcement of local laws, and the risk of riots and detention. US citizens who are in the country are urged to do so He left immediatelyusing the plane or one of the four crossings that remain open with Lithuaniaafter closing Vilnius two days in recent days.

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Zelensky: “Ukraine will receive 61 F-16s from Denmark and the Netherlands”

Ukraine will receive 61 F16 from Denmark And fromDutchman. This was announced by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the trip you took him on Athens To meet with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Zelensky said in detail that “an agreement has been reached with the Netherlands on 42 F-16sAnd an agreement was signed with Denmark on 19 aircraft to Ukraine and expand training missions for our pilots and engineers.

Zelensky arrived in Athens

ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyarrived in AthensWhere he will meet with the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Local media reported this, explaining that eventually the two would release statements to the press. After that, the Kiev leader will meet with the president of the republic Katerina Sachilaropoulou He will participate in a dinner with the leaders of the Western Balkan countries, which will also be attended by the President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

Ukrainian Air Force: “Superiority over Moscow requires 128 fighters”

Ukraine needs 128 catches Western multi-role manufacturing to achieve air supremacy during the war with Russia. This was stated by the spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, Yuri Ignatl Liberty Radio.
Seeing the air power you predicted rearmament From our Air Force, talk about 128 of these fighters, one way or another, they will be Adequate To replace the old fleet and will be distributed throughout the country. around Four brigades of aviation,” he said, adding that trainers and transport aircraft were still needed.

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Kiev: “Moscow’s plan to transfer 300,000 Russians to Mariupol”

there Russia It aims to change the ‘demographics of the population Mariupolcurrently under his control. He deplores it National Center of Resistance of Ukraine Citing some confidential documents that were in his possession. bring it back Ukraineska Pravda. The plan will include transfer of approx 300 thousand Citizens Russians out 2025. To motivate them – as he explained – the Kremlin launched a program Soft loans For citizens of the Russian Federation.

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