What is Formula 1 missing to make it big in the US?

What is Formula 1 missing to make it big in the US?

Formula 1 sales exceeded 2.4 billion euros thanks to the American market, but the Las Vegas Grand Prix did not achieve the desired success. In 2022, Liberty Media’s sales increased by 4 million compared to the previous year, but the company’s goal of making F1 a popular sport in the USA remains a distant mirage. What do you need to succeed in the United States?

Formula 1, the spectacle is not enough to win over the Americans

The Las Vegas Grand Prix impressed fans and historic drivers, but did not win over the Americans.

The track layout made the race exciting, but problems that arose before the competition with grandstands and a blown manhole during practice gave a bad image of Formula 1. Obstacles standing in the way of Formula 1 organizers and the complexity of the goal won over the Americans, historically passionate about the Nascar and IndyCar motorsport competitions.

Time problem

Another factor working against the spread of Formula 1 in the American market is the timing of the races. In fact, in the USA it starts at dawn, which is an unusual time for the average viewer, who is used to watching Nascar races in the afternoon.

Formula 1, luxury doesn’t help

Finally, this competition is more appealing to the average American since it primarily targets the middle class, which is dominated by traditional automakers like Chevrolet. Rather, Formula 1 is an emblem of luxury that distinguishes cars, manufacturers, locations, drivers and fans. ©

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