Austria sends unvaccinated people into ‘lockdown’

Bolzano. Europe tightens its grip on “No Fax”. L ‘Austria It’s leading the way and sending the unvaccinated into “closure”: from Monday 8 November, those who are not vaccinated will not have access to restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, sporting and cultural events and will be excluded from leisure initiatives.

The Austrian government expected a transition period of four weeks, during which the first dose paired with a buffer PCR would suffice. Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg justified this measure by the sharp increase in Covid cases in Austria (9,388 today only). “When we get in the car we wear a seat belt, the Covid vaccine is our belt.”

Unvaccinated people are also excluded from skiing and will no longer be able to access ski lifts, even visitors, hospitals and nursing homes. The Ffp2 mask becomes mandatory in stores, museums, and libraries.

Strong pressure during winter approaching and infection at record levels Germany He announces a new, generalized phase of the prevention campaign, accompanied by a hard line toward non-intrusion. The state president of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow, has threatened to stop treating those who will not accept the administration of the serum, if the pressure on health facilities increases too much.

Meanwhile, from Monday, Saxony – where a new lockdown is feared if we do not act “quickly” – will become the first German territory to limit access to restaurants, bars and cultural events only to vaccinations, that is, to those vaccinated or cured of Covid, except for the possibility of taking smear as a corridor.

In the past 24 hours, the Robert Koch Institute recorded 37,120 new cases – a new negative peak after yesterday – and 154 deaths in Germany. The weekly value of infection also reached record levels, reaching 169.9 patients per 100 thousand inhabitants. “The fourth wave accelerated a lot and hit very hard. We have difficult weeks ahead,” German Health Minister Jens Spahn warned.

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Acceleration on the booster is increasingly critical across Europe. Moreover MaltaIt declared that 94% of the countries with the highest rate of full vaccinations on the continent announced that the third doses “will be gradually extended to all persons over 12 years of age”. And it is precisely this booster that appears to have contributed decisively to the suppression of infection in United kingdom, where it has already been administered to more than 9 million people and the slow but gradual decline in infection and the Rt infection index persists, well below the risk threshold of 1.

The other metric that the Old Continent keeps pushing on is the Green Passage. today is French Parliament The so-called ‘sanitary oversight’ bill was passed allowing the use of a Covid certificate until July 31.

Meanwhile, the level of infections in Eastern Europe and the Balkans remains alarming, where vaccination rates are the lowest on the continent, with negative peaks of around 30% in Romania NS Bulgaria. With 6,932 new cases in 24 hours, the Croatia Today surpassed its negative record of daily injuries and announced the return of restrictions on public events and the strengthening of the green lane.

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