December 6, 2021

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Who is Ilaria Mugno, the scientist who tore up the report’s investigation on vaccines: ‘Only the excitement’

Ellaria Mugno, originally from latina, holds a degree in computer engineering in the field of biomedicine for ten years With her husband, she runs the Genetics Laboratory at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. After watching “all the famous report episode” on Rai3, the scientist gave a real scientific report, almost a commentary, and wrote “Minute by minute all the lies they told. But then I changed my mind, and I just thought of making some kind of summary of the lies”, emphasizing the points Mysteries and contradictions.

“Let’s ignore the pretty phrases they said that include expressions like ‘serum vaccine’ and ‘prize raffle’ etc. Not all the information reported is wrong, many are true, but it was suggested for a very specific purpose, to prove their thesis,” Mugno said. Investigative journalism must start with a thesis and look for evidence to prove or disprove it. Instead, the report seeks evidence just to prove that e When reality shows a different story, they either don’t report it or manage it the way they want, they always did“.

objects –Measuring antibodies is not the correct way to check whether a vaccine is losing efficacy. The vaccinated population should be monitored and see if the number of infections between vaccinations increases over time, taking into account two important factors, The vaccine is not 100% effective. Is that The higher the vaccination, the higher the number of cases among vaccinated people. If you interview infected nurses but you don’t tell me how much they compare to the general population and how they differ over time You don’t work in journalism, you work in thrillers“.

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I almost – “If one case took me to a party where the disease was spreading and you did not go to count all the parties where the disease was not spread You are intellectually dishonest. If you tell me that in a party in a country where 90% are vaccinated, 75% of those infected have been vaccinated, you can’t count. In your opinion, if all were vaccinated in the country, what proportion of the vaccinated would be among those infected? Cases between nurses (including those who still ask for serology!!!) and a party in Massachusetts are indeed rare. To use it to suggest that the virus spreads between vaccinated and unvaccinated is dishonest.”

Viral charge and transmittance – “It is true that in some rare cases the result of immunization can be positive, a small percentage even with symptoms, and it is also true that among these, some have a high viral load. But Higher viral load is not associated with transmissibility. Even in rare cases, vaccinated positives can transmit infection. The key is the word rari. Moreover, it seems to me that they want to blame those who have returned to normal life.”

Pfizer / FDA – “The story between Pfizer and the FDA is really ridiculous, all the documents are posted on both the FDA and CDC websites, and nothing is a secret. In the USA, there was no growth in cases among the vaccinated, which is only why the booster was only recommended for those with health reasons The first two doses may not work, the immunosuppressed and the elderly, in fact. I’ve already said it again.”

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Pfizer / Israel – “The history of Israel and Pfizer is not even a secret, it has been known for some time and it is Agreement known to all. Presenting it as an incorrect suggestion.”

Florida – Cases in Florida Increased this summer because everything was open in FloridaWithout restrictions. The elderly population is covered by the vaccine, but as we have said a thousand thousand times, the effectiveness of the vaccine for the elderly is less than the average 90%. Few young people are vaccinated in Florida. When we show infection curves (from Florida and Israel) we also show ages.”

modern – “The story of the modern full-dose or half-dose vaccine is completely wrong. Just look again at the meeting reports, they are all documented, no plot“.

dark faces – The service stars are also great, among the compelling “repentant”, of Crisanti on the golden couch (he couldn’t miss it) even Peter Doshi, so famous among conspiracy theorists. It is clear that Peter Doshi does not know how the clinical trial worksNot only does he understand that Pfizer terminated the trial in 6 months after receiving full permission AS PER PROTOCOL but it also indicates that those who took the placebo had to continue not being vaccinated! There are ethical rules for trials that do not allow such a thing. Peter Doshi postponed to September“.

wrong questions – “All questions are wrong, doctor is asked about the green lane, mysterious penitent is asked if the vaccine lasts 6-9-12 months, the vaccination campaign coordinator in Rome ASL1 asks if the recent dose is ‘not too little’. What kind of questions are these? ?”.

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Pharmaceutical houses make profits – It suffices in this story that pharmaceutical companies should be charitable companies. They make a profit, it’s their job. The regulators job is to apply the brakes and strike a balance between the health interest and the pharmaceutical company.

Third dose – “But then is the third dose helpful or not? Depends on. If you are among those for whom the first two doses may not work, then yes it does. It serves, not because of low immunity, but because it may never have developed A booster increases the likelihood of this happening. If you are healthy and younger, you may still not need it, but There is definitely no shame in doing so. Will we have to do this every year like a flu shot? Maybe, we still don’t know.”

conclusion – “One thing for sure is that COVID is not going anywhereTherefore, in the next two years, health authorities will have to carefully study the data and develop vaccination policies. Which still can not be done now. So talking about it now, in November 2021, makes no sense.”