February 5, 2023

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Australian Open: The full program for Sunday, January 22, 2023. Faulty in the Tsitsipas hurdle, the Blues strive for achievement

Jannik Sinner ITA, 08/16/2001 – Photo Getty Images

Yannick Sinner He also overcame Marton Fukovich’s hurdle, recovering from 0-2 and thus going through the round of 16 of the Australian Open. discount on the street, Stefanos Tsitsipas, is one to take with a grain of salt, given that the Greek has won four times in five meetings. According to bookmakers, as Agipronews reports, Tsitsipas is still the favorite to get to the quarter-finals, at 1.50 against 2.50 for the blue. In 2022, Sinner lost to Tsitsipas twice, first at the Australian Open and then in Rome, not winning a single set. A trend is also expected for this match, with a 3-0 showing in favor of the Greek at 3, oddly low among the accurate scores.

Rod Laver Stadium – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
B. Brian United States of America / M. Brian United States of America Against Mohamed Baghdatis cy extension / M AUX
(1) I. Swiatek pee Opposite (22) E. Rybakina Kaz
(Italian time: 02:30 (local time: 12:30))
(10) e. Hurkacz pee Against (29) S Corda United States of America
intentionally empty

Rod Laver Stadium – Italian time: 09:00 (local time: 19:00)
(3) S. Tsitsipas GR extension against (15) c. sinner ITA
(24) in. Azarenka BLR extension opposite L.Zhu CHN File Extension

Margaret Court Stadium – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
L. Stefani BRA / R Matos bra v. Bematic Sands United States of America / m pavich cro
(17) c. Ostapenko no v. (7) Jim Goff United States of America
(Italian time: 03:00 (local time: 13:00))
J. Lehecka CZE extension v. (6) F. Auger-Aliassime can
(Italian time: 05:30 (local time: 15:30))

John Kane Stadium – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
C. black ZIM / R. Stubbs AUX Against Ai Majoli cro / B. sheet AUX / (4) E. Mertens Nice against T Papus here / K. Mladenovic between
(Italian time: 02:30 (local time: 12:30))
(31) Y. Nishioka JPN extension Against (18) K. Khachanov rus
(Italian time: 04:30 (local time: 14:30))
(3) c. Pegola United States of America Against (20) B. Krejikova CZE extension
(Italian time: 07:00 (local time: 17:00))

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Kia Arena – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
(that. plagia IND / (A) J. Nedunchezhiyan IND vs. J. Chardy between / F. Martin between
n. Barrientos with the / a. Bihar UR extension for Ponzi between / a between
H. Ness MON / J. Zelensky pee against M Purcell AUX / J. Thompson AUX
(Italian time: 03:30 (local time: 13:30))
(toilet) m. Pullmans AUX / (toilet) a. Bobrin AUX Opposite (2) R Ram United States of America / (2) c. Salisbury GBR
(8) c. Dabrowski can / (8) M. Purcell AUX against (WC) L. Cabrera AUX / (toilet) c. smith AUX

Stadium 3 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
Jim Buxa ESP / M Ninomiya JPN extension v. (11) H. Chan TPE / (11) g. Yang CHN File Extension
(WC) T Jadeki AUX / (water cycle) H. Winter AUX K. Rice vs can / E Roh on me / J. Tishman on me v. (3) G. Dabrowski can / (3) G. Olmos Mexico
(Italian time: 03:00 (local time: 13:00))
n. Melchar Martinez United States of America / M. middlecube Ned Against (6) E. Perez AUX / (6) e. Heliovara FIN
T. Townsend United States of America / J Murray GBR Against (5) d. shores Ned / (5) n. Mictec cro

Court 5 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
Y. Konstantinova pee Against (13) R. stober GBR
B. Djuric SRB against wow china ITA
(10) El. Udvardi here Opposite R. Dencheva pee
W Ewald pee / in yang NZL against C. Meester ru / S. Zhiyenbayeva gear
(7) El Tian United States of America / (7) C. Williams United States of America against b. Djuric SRB / Z. Ludoski SRB

Court 6 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
S. Zhiyenbayeva gear against A. Smejkalova CZE extension
(7) H. Matsuoka JPN extension against El Tian United States of America
W. Chang KOR extension vs c. Philip CZE extension
(6) El Moyano ARG / (6 a. Smekalova CZE extension vs. Y. Bartashevich between / A. Ibragimov rus
in. Yakubenko United kingdom / O. Ojakaar the East vs. (6) a. Forger Ned / (6) y. Chu CHN File Extension

Court 7 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
c. camo AUX vs. T. Berkieta pee
T Evans United States of America vs L Taylor AUX
(8) a. Danlina Kaz / (8) St. Mirza IND against a. Kalinina United kingdom / a. Van Uytvank Nice
(Italian time: 03:00 (local time: 13:00))
M. Kolodziejova CZE extension / M. Vondrousova CZE extension In front of (7) B. Haddad Ma’aya BRA / (7) S. chang CHN File Extension
(WC) M. Inglis AUX / (wc) J. Kobler AUX vs. K. Mladenovic between / J Caballe with the

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Court 8 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
(o) b. loh AUX v. (4) a. Gia between
XU No can v. (WC) L. Fairclough AUX
(1) a. Blocks Nice / (1) J. Fonseca BRA vs. K. Bigun United States of America / M United States of America
(WC) El Fairclough AUX / (water cycle) yan AUX against E. Milic SLO extension / F. Pace ITA
(toilet) a AUX / (WC) Ji Chang AUX v. (2) a pee / (2) a. Radulov pee

Court 12 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
(5) m. come on ru against (o) l. Carbone ITA
(Secret. Tokayev rus vs. (o) t. hattori JPN extension
(WC) J Gregg AUX / (toilet) e. Kim AUX against (5) S JPN extension / (5) e. Quickie JPN extension
L. carbone ITA / f. Virgil Perini ITA vs. T. Berkieta pee / J. Schwerzler authentication

Court 13 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
M Erkan TUR Against (15) R. Jamrichova SVK extension
Muhammad al-Lami Tuesday v. (7) Andreeva rus
(14) k. edingren SW extension against P. Schoen on me
F. Bondioli ITA / M. kreznik SLO extension Opposite of C Camo AUX / E. Diamante Nice
M. Ciubotaru ru / E Daniels can Against (2) m. Andreeva rus / (2) a. Korneva rus

Court 15 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
(toilet) n. Oliveira BRA Opposite (9) m CZE extension
a. Murthy United States of America vs. D. Suvirdjonkova SRB
(4) n SVK extension vs. E. Seidel gear
M Erkan TUR / M Jessup TPE against a. Murthy United States of America / Mother. Rwenska pee

Court 16 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
(1) O Saito JPN extension vs. (WC) S. Webb AUX
(toilet) b. Marinkov AUX vs. J. Schwarzler authentication
(Sa. Zamanukh United kingdom v. (12) H. Jones AUX
A. Guichard United States of America / a. Krug United States of America against (4) e. Kinoshita JPN extension / (4) o Saito JPN extension

Court 17 – Italian time: 01:00 (local time: 11:00)
Way Nandal IND Opposite A. Frusina United States of America
W Sonopi JPN extension against S IND
(toilet) S. Tsujioka JPN extension against (o) l. Morel ITA
a. Crahan TUR / R. Sakamoto JPN extension vs. Y. Nandal IND / Zagula pee
Muhammad al-Lami Tuesday / A. Heaven ITA against a. Grechkina rus / Dr. Soverzhonkova SRB