Umberto Said. Adelaide Marcelo left!

Umberto Said.  Adelaide Marcelo left!

Let’s discover together the previews of Il Paradiso delle Signore 8 for the episode of October 18, 2023. The events of the Rai soap episode 1 tell us that Umberto will be very satisfied knowing that Adelaide has ended her relationship with Marcello while Flora will do so. Be in difficulties with Graminee.

In the episode D Ladies’ paradise It was broadcast on October 18, 2023in 4.00 pm on Opinion 1, Umberto will find out with Great satisfaction Which It’s all over between Adelaide and Marcelo. the Previews Subordinateepisode from soap They reveal it to us The leader will not be able to contain his joy Knowing that his sister-in-law ended her relationship with Barbieri, he would obviously notice Vegetarianism, Committed to slowing down Gramineecorrect He does not leave her free in the club. while Vittorio will suggest Matilda to help her With the Promotional campaign for Milano Moda exhibition while MatteoAfter discovering that Marcelo owns shares in Paradise, He will want to quit his job but Maria will try to change his mind. Alfredo will try to please him In any case ErinHe buys her everything she wants.

Ladies’ Paradise Previews: Umberto Said. Adelaide finished with Marcelo

Adelaide didn’t just leave Milan But he decided so She continues her life without Marcelo by her side. The Countess wants to devote herself solely and exclusively to Odile, without any distractions or without the thought of having to return home, for the sake of loving someone. This decision left Barbieri speechless And disappointment while giving Great fun for Umberto. guarnieri, In crisis with FloraHe will discover that his wife’s sister She was done with her young lover And He wouldn’t be able to hide his satisfaction. All of this, of course It will not leave Ravasi indifferent at allWhich will have confirmation that his partner has not forgotten his old love.

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Ladies’ Paradise Preview: Flora is in trouble with Fiorenza while Vittorio…

It’s not exactly a good time for Flora. Despite his noble gesture of helping Adelaide reunite with Odile, Ravasi does not find peace actually yes He will have to manage Fiorenza’s interference. Grammini It will prevent you from organizing an event in the club freely It will cause you quite a few problems. while Vittorio will suggest Matilda to help her to Prepare a promotional campaign to Milan Fashion Show.

Ladies’ Paradise Plots and Previews: Mateo wants to leave Paradise. Maria intervenes

Discover Matteo Which Marcelo owns some Paradiso shares And this is why I managed to find him a job. Portelli is not I’m not at all happy about this discovery And You will want to leave the store. Maria will decide To intervene and stop it Make him change his mind. Puglisi will try to make him understand that he should not make risky moves, otherwise he will find himself without money and in great difficulty. while Alfredo will keep thinking to Having to comply with Erin’s requestsEven when he can’t satisfy her.

Let’s find out all Weekly previews D Ladies Paradise from 16 to 20 October 2023.

Ladies’ paradise Goes on the air from Monday to Friday in 4:00 pm on Opinion 1.

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