Auletta, Cervene landing in Città della Scienza for “Days of Παιδεία (Paideia)”

Auletta, Cervene landing in Città della Scienza for “Days of Παιδεία (Paideia)”

Cervene, the regional veterinary reference center for non-epidemic emergencies, is located in Città della Scienza. Appointment tomorrow with the inaugural event of the project “Παιδεία (Paideia) Days Training Paths for Sustainable Development”, which arose from the awareness of the importance of knowing, disseminating and practicing the goals of the 2030 Agenda. The project, which will be developed for two months through various activities and an exhibition, lays its foundations in pursuit of Goal 17, dedicated to the Partnership for the Goals, thanks to the agreement between the various public and private actors.

The program focuses its activities from Thursday to Sunday, moving along two lines of action: conferences and seminars aimed primarily at local stakeholders; And a workshop targeting families and the educated community. The conference and symposium section welcomes many core topics related to the 2030 Agenda such as food security, bees, biodiversity, ecosystem protection, gender equality, human, animal, plant and environmental health. Workshops focus on first-hand knowledge of the world of bees, fish, dairy, sea and soil, natural pigments and virtual systems.

“This is a training and information event aimed at all age groups – explains Raphael Bove, Technical Director of Servin – with the aim of sustainable prevention and in line with the principles of the 2030 Agenda.” For the exhibition, Città della Scienza President Riccardo Villari explained that it will be displayed on the ground floor of the Corporea Museum for the duration of the project and consists of 18 panels illustrating more complex goals and objectives and a concrete program for sustainable development implemented in 2015 by 193 countries of the United Nations. On Saturday and Sunday, the exhibition will be animated by the interactive lab “Sustainability in Practice!” The 17 objectives will be explored starting with the story “Anna and Mary”, told in the comedy of the same name edited by Servin.

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