March 25, 2023

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“We encourage global motorsport to adopt the decisions of the International Olympic Committee on the war in Ukraine”

important position of Motorsport UK and Chairman David Richards. Exceeding what was decided by the FIA ​​Extraordinary Council on Tuesday evening, no driver, race official or team with a Russian or Belarusian license will be able to do so. Participation in motorsport competitions on the territory of the United Kingdom. The decision was made in accordance with provisions established by the FIA ​​but carried out, with the full approval of the British Government.

The choice of the British authority is in line with that decided by some other car federations (Swedish and Finnish) but It obviously has a higher specific weight for sure. Just because England hosts more competitions, starting with the Formula One Grand Prix. Let’s take the most recent exampleeven if he retains his spot on the Haas team (a somewhat remote premise) However, Nikita Mazepin could not go the right way Next July at Silverstone.

David Richards

“It is our duty to do everything we can in terms of influence and experience to stop the unjustified invasion of Ukraine. That is why we encourage the global automotive community and our colleagues To fully comply with the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee And to do everything in our power to stop this war. Motorsport UK together with Leonid Kostyuchenko, President of FAU (Automobile Federation of Ukraine, ed.), the Ukrainian automobile community and the Ukrainian people are calling for an end to violence and a peaceful solution to the conflict.”