Audi, a global restyling on the horizon: The engines and design of all models will change the look of Audi in the future

Audi, a global restyling on the horizon: The engines and design of all models will change the look of Audi in the future

A completely new season is about to open at Audi, with many changes in perspective, not only in terms of performance, models and style. What’s going on?

When the future calls, and appears at the foreseeable doors of a market as sophisticated as the automotive one, the major brands are called upon to respond in a timely manner: as they have done Audi.

The idea of ​​becoming the genius of tomorrow that has already started, with all the discussions of sustainability and structural change, has sparked Audi new ambitious very high.

A full review, almost historical in some ways: Audi It triggers what many see as a win-win situation worldwide, a Lifts In all and for all. Not only in terms of models.

The term “re-styling” is often misused to refer to innovations and new proposals from major car manufacturers: in this case, it is a broader programme.

Audi, complete relaunch: here’s the news

Engines, universal chassis, aesthetics, new models: Audi leaves nothing behind, because in general the decisive steps are being taken. dominate the market.

Audi Motorzoom (1)
Audi Motorzoom (1)

In the manufacturing process, there is a range that will be changed with new engine models and the preservation of all sectors: gas, heat, electric. Audi will not want to disappoint anyone. thus.

While planning for the future of electric vehicles to be explored, the gas-powered and conventional automobile segment is not going to retire. on the contrary. there A4 and A6, For example, yes They lift.

Adapted to structural innovations, they will be the next gems of the parent company. As for the sports part instead, it seems that TT and R8 They will experience a moment of readiness.

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The future of the SUV: how Audi thinks

Then there is the SUV category: with Q5 and Q7 models Which will be decorated with precious innovations that will flow into generation Upcoming, plus Q9s are in progress.

Audi Motorzoom
Audi Motorzoom

If it is in 2023 for Audi, the news will be mostly related to E-tron and alQ6, The real moment of the so-called deadline will be next. Why? What happens?

between 2024 and the 2025 There will be real amounts of new entrants, and in just two years from the parent company, it is expected that new models will also launch themselves towards the new challenge of environmental sustainability in Optics 2035.

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