“A market based on the stupidity of people” – Corriere.it

“A market based on the stupidity of people” – Corriere.it
From Enrico Forzinetti

The Microsoft co-founder has been speaking out against the world of non-fungible tokens, saying he favors assets that produce tangible goods. The philanthropist also mocked the Bored Ape Yacht Club project

One thing seems clear: Bill Gates is not happy with cryptocurrency or NFT. A few sentences were enough during an interview during an event he organized Take Crunch For confirmation. “Market Non-Fungible Code he is It is 100% based on the stupidest person theory» Ruling of the co-founder of Microsoft. The phrase “bigger fool” is not translated the same way it was translated into Italian, but the meaning is quite clear. Those who invest in NFT can make a fortune just by finding someone more stupid than themwilling to bet a larger amount of money on these non-fungible tokens that are a testament to the digital uniqueness of a particular good or thing.

“They won’t make the world better.”

During the interview, Gates’ tone was also colored in a decidedly ironic shade. “It is clear that expensive digital photos of monkeys will improve the worldThe benefactor joked, referring to the collective boredom monkey yacht club Best known for selling NFT-based avatars of monkeys. One of the many applications of non-fungible emoticons related to the art world Exploded in the past few months. In fact, the Microsoft co-founder says he’s more inclined to view an agricultural company that produces goods or other types of companies that make tangible products as an investment. Seasoned letter also lists against Bitcoin that Gates claims not to share as an investor.

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difficult period

Words that come at a very complicated time for cryptocurrency going through gods severe collapses in its value. I just think the same BitcoinGiven the sharp declines in recent days, it has fallen slightly above $21,000 from its November highs above 60,000. Without forgetting the last The Bankruptcy of Terra Usd and Cryptocurrency Luna. and she The NFT market also suffered a noticeable slowdown With the same value as the massively discounted Bored Ape Group Yachting Club and at market prices for non-fungible coins that have shrunk compared to the months when the climate of euphoria around the subject led to success.

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