Nikita Pellizon Crying at Gf Vip, Missing Luca Onestini: I Wish I Didn’t Lose Him

Nikita Pellizon Crying at Gf Vip, Missing Luca Onestini: I Wish I Didn’t Lose Him

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Nikita Pelizon confronts the nostalgic Luca Onestini, crying in the house of Big Brother IP. “We’re over what we’ve done, and I hope we don’t get lost,” the contestant admitted.

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

The last weeks of calm in Casa del Big Brother VIP They paid Nikita Pelizon To revisit the last difficult months she lived Luca Onestini. Quarrels, accusations and insults directed at each other are now forgotten. This is evidenced by the powerfully nostalgic moment Nikita experienced in the house only a few hours earlier. The contestant, resorting to confession, never hid the resentment that Luca Onstini’s elimination caused her towards her, and she had strong feelings. “There is a little gloom for Luka because he is gone and it hurts that he is not here. I looked in her locker to see if she had taken the letters. take them. I miss his liveliness, his annoyance, and the fact that he always gives a different answer than mine. To lighten the mood, he always makes a jokeNikita admitted without hiding tears.

Nikita: “Good relationship with Luka before we didn’t understand each other”

Even though we got hurt, I know he’s a nice person. I said we wouldn’t meet outside just because I was afraid he would say no. But this is not the case. I’d like to see him for coffeeNikita said Milena Mikuni in the garden to try to console her. She had noticed her roommate’s tears and wanted to make her feel his presence. “What I hope is that when we decide to move on from what happened, we will be reminded of the fact that we had such a good relationship before that we just don’t understand each other. And that with maturity we manage not to get lost on the outside because we are two beautiful people”, declared Nikita again. Then, almost broken into tears, she concluded: “It bothers me feeling bad, I don’t have to be like this“.

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Melina Mikuni: “What’s wrong with Nikita falling in love?”

Melina, after consoling her friend, recounts what happened in confession. For once, Aljevina defended Pelizon: “But even if this woman is in love, can one fall in love and feel the feelings one wants? Can no one feel guilty for being associated with another person? I’m sure he’d agree to have coffee with her. The important thing is that she understands that if this feeling is not reciprocated, she will not be able to move beyond the friendship“.

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