Attacks in Gaza, but Israel suffers more than 700 deaths. Movements of the United States and Turkey

Attacks in Gaza, but Israel suffers more than 700 deaths.  Movements of the United States and Turkey

Israeli tanks approach the Strip. Thousands of soldiers came out at night, accompanied by the tears of mothers, and the applause of people at the windows, on the balconies: “Gibborim Shelano”Our heroes. “Yeh Basir, Yahi Basir”“Everything will be fine,” the boys answered, adjusting the weight of the huge backpacks on their shoulders, in that phrase so Israeli, so Jewish, the way to give oneself courage and move forward.

State of war

In front of us are violated borders, a barrier that has been demolished, no one knows how and what it is, a day after the attack, we are still unable to control it. Hamas does not give up already Hit 800 targets in the sector400 Palestinians were killed and 2,200 others were injured According to local authoritiesthe. Among the dead were 78 minors and 41 women. Last night, the Strip was cut off from the electricity grid (which relies on Israel) to complicate internal communications. According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), tens of thousands of people have been displaced in the Strip. The agency said in a statement, “Nearly 74,000 displaced people are now in 64 UNRWA shelters, and the numbers are likely to rise.” The situation in which the terrorists have flooded the enclave is horrific. But they show no sign of giving up. on the contrary.

the Al-Qassam BrigadesThe military wing of Hamas announced they were doing so “Sent reinforcements” And “equipped with weapons” Forces inside Israel. An army spokesman said: “Our mujahideen will continue to attack the invaders,” and, in particular, the men will reach the southern Kibuz and the villages of Sufa, Holit, and Yetid.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi He spoke with leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. “Iran supports the legitimate defense of the Palestinian people”He said

Fighting continues in the border areas. At around 10 p.m., news arrived of a series of large-scale attacks against the Gaza suburb of Shujaiya, considered a “nest of terror” used by Hamas as a base for launching rockets against Israel. According to a military spokesman, 100 tons of bombs were dropped as part of this operation. Tsahal reported their presence there Clashes are taking place in eight locations Israelis around the Gaza Strip. They will still be present in the area “sleeper cells” Hamas is ready to take action if the Israeli army enters the Gaza Strip to conduct a ground operation. The given scenario is as accurate as possible.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, After his meeting with the Minister of Defense Yoav GalantChief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Herzi Halevy Other leaders in the defense establishment approved the war clause, bypassing the approval of the Cabinet and Cabinet Assume leadership powers. The Israeli government’s security cabinet voted Putting the country in a state of war It has been proven that it can be done ‘Significant military activities’. The security cabinet’s approval is necessary under Israeli laws under which war cannot be fought without a government decision.

“This is our day, September 11th.” said Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Gilad ErdanHe spoke in the Glass Palace before the Security Council about the ongoing crisis. “We will not let the world forget the atrocities that the Israeli people have suffered.”

The right to self-defense. Berlin: “Review of aid provided to the Palestinians”

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office announced that Netanyahu had risen today Interviews With the Italian Prime Minister georgia Meloni, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, German Chancellor Olaf SchulzAnd the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The leaders reportedly “expressed their firm support for Israel’s right to self-defense.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio TajaniOccur in Within half an hour He said on Rai 3 that he intends to involve Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in a mediation attempt. He stressed that “these countries play a major role.” Tajani announced that he will be in Cairo on Wednesday. He added: “We support all of this country’s initiatives to try to find a solution, especially with regard to hostages, women, children and the elderly. We count on Egyptian mediation given that Cairo has a dialogue that is not simple with Hamas and the Palestinians.”

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German government He told me that after what happened, he intended to do so Reviewing the aid provided to the Palestinians. Minister of Development, Svenja SchulzHe stressed that the executive authority was always keen to ensure that the funds were used only for peaceful purposes. “But these attacks against Israel represent a terrible rift.” Among the victims of the attack were also some Germans.

The Turkish president has made his voice heard Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Which He urged Israel and Hamas to “support peace” and spare civilians.

The death toll continues to rise

The number of Israeli casualties rose to 700, and more than 2,000 were wounded. At the concert that Hamas attacked near the border with the Gaza Strip alone, 250 people were killed (among the victims were Europeans and Americans). The Jerusalem Post wrote that 750 people were missing. And 100 were kidnappedBetween soldiers and civilians. In a sarcastic tone, the Al-Qassam Brigades said that the hostages are being held in the organization’s tunnels in the Gaza Strip and in “safe houses,” which will be the biggest challenge that Israel will face.

“More support” from the United States

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken We talked about Many Americans were killed in Israel. Blinken stressed this He added, “Hamas’ goal may certainly be to disrupt the possible normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.”

president Joe Biden He confirmed this to Netanyahu during a phone call ‘More help is on the way’ Is that “More aid will come in the coming days.” The White House announced this without providing details. Then the head of the Pentagon. Lloyd Austin USA said They will send ammunition to Israel and strengthen their presence in the region. Washington is planning – Moving ships and military aircraft near Israel As a sign of support. second Politician, The Biden administration could authorize Transporting large weapons to JerusalemWhich could come from unknown US stockpiles in Israel intended for conflicts in the Middle East and which Washington has allowed for use only in emergency situations. Sources I heard from Politician They specified that military assistance to Israel This will not affect the supply of arms to Ukraine As the two countries use different systems.

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Evacuation of civilians from southern communities. Warning to the north

The Israeli army began evacuating residents of communities located along the border with Gaza So that soldiers can try to track down terrorists who may still be hiding in the area. And also to prepare for a possible ground operation. Tsahal published a list of communities that should be abandoned. There are 24 of them at the moment. A spokesman confirmed that the evacuation of civilians is based on “situation assessments.”

But the Minister of Defence Yoav Galant He said it was necessary Preparing to evacuate population centers in northern Israel.

After the killing of two Israeli tourists in Alexandria, EgyptNational Security Council He urged the Israelis to leave Egypt and Sinai “as soon as possible.”. The same council asked Israelis to refrain from traveling to other countries in the Middle East and to countries that have already been reported.

Sderot Police Station, southern Israel, after the battle to expel Palestinian terrorists from the area – ANSA

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