February 6, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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USA, “376 Ovaldi School Agents, Systematic Bankruptcies” – North America

376 officers rushed to the shooting that killed 21 people (19 children and two teachers) at Ovaldi Elementary School in Texas, but “systematic failures” and “blatantly poor decision making” created a chaotic scene that continued. 77 minutes before the murderer was killed they were confronted and killed. This is what emerged from an investigative report issued today. Not only local authorities are targeted, but also federal and state law enforcement agencies, the vast majority of those present. American media reports. The nearly 80-page report, the most accurate account to date of the disastrous response to the assault, was developed by a commission of inquiry set up by the Texas House of Representatives and delivered today to the families of the victims, who have long been asking to explain responsibility for clients’ very long inaction. Action while the killer continued to kill relentlessly.

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