Vietnam: Five endangered monkeys were cut down

In Hanoi, Vietnam, poachers shot and killed five gray-footed ducks, state media reported Tuesday that it is a species of endangered Langur monkey.

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During routine patrols in the forests of Guangxi Province (center), rangers and police found the carcasses of animals.

Restricted to the jungles of this region of Vietnam, this type of langur has a global population of less than 1,000, according to the NGO Fauna and Flora International (FFI).

Some ecosystems believe their numbers may be higher as more research is needed.

This type of langur is a regular victim of the illegal wildlife trade.

The FFI says these little monkeys are being sought for their meat, traditional medicine, and pets.

They are threatened with deforestation.

According to the Washington Convention, the gray-footed duck is on the list of “most endangered” species, the last stage before the species became extinct in the wild.

In Guangxi, hunters left a motorcycle, 53 lead bullets and mufflers and fled, the VNX Express news site reported.

The site adds that local authorities are “investigating the case.”

“Authorities need to find those responsible,” said Ha Tong Long, director of the Green House, which protects biodiversity in central Vietnam.

“If we fail to recognize them and bring them to justice, this will continue to happen.”

He added that under Vietnamese law, poachers could face up to seven years in prison.

Vietnam is home to some of the world’s most endangered species, including the large red river soft-shell tortoise, Donkin’s snap-nosed monkey and sola, a rare species of mountain deer.

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Wild animals are under constant threat in the country and their body parts are in high demand for food and traditional medicine.

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