ATP Montreal, Sener beats Mannarino and goes to the second round

ATP Montreal, Sener beats Mannarino and goes to the second round

Blue struggles for a set and a half and then beat the French 2-6, 6-4, 6-2. In the next round he found Berrettini’s executioner, Carino Busta

Perseverance, resistance, access and oppression. Yannick Sener knows this best and ran a game that seemed almost compromised until the middle of the second set, defeating France’s Adrian Mannarino on the return. Blue, who tapped a first-round CL 1000 bid, actually won the pass to the Round of 16 in three sets, imposing themselves on the left-handed by a 2-6 6-4 6-2, at the end of two hours and 4 minutes of play. This is how Italian tennis resists in Montreal who finds Jannick the only representative left in the main draw after Matteo Berrettini’s early exit from the scene last day and the elimination of Fabio Fognini. In the next round for Janek, the fifth victory in a row after the victory of Omago, there will be Spaniard Pablo Carreno Busta, who left very little for Denmark’s Holger Ron (6-0, 6-3).

take off

It is not a positive start for the blue player who is immediately broken at the start of the serve. Indeed, in the second half, a badly weak exit from the tendon and it ended up on the net, leads the French player to the first break point of the match, which was achieved thanks to a lucky bar at the end of a long exchange. As matches go by, Sinner’s errors start to be many (3-1 already 6) while Mannarino takes off simply by keeping serve and climbing 5-2 in just 30 minutes. In the eighth match we then witness the final change of pace, with the French player’s second break, now on the ball with the best tennis. He turned and 6-2.

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In the second half, Mannarino delivered very little serve as Sener continues to struggle, even in long exchanges from the baseline where he used to dominate. On the Italian side, in fact, the opening maneuvers were absent and the first 2-1 more specifically, in a match brought armed only with the second serve. So far it seems to be a classic bad day. In the meantime, the left-handed continues in cruise mode and remains unapproachable from the bar he only delivers three points in the full set (eight points from the start of the race). The situation suddenly reversed to 4-4, when Sinner finally managed to get two break points. The first chance is enough for Janek to take the lead and thanks to a back pass on the line he goes to serve the group. The match was concluded 6-4, and the match will be decided in the third.


As soon as the rotation started, in the third set, the mistake of restoring confidence immediately cut off the opponent, who meanwhile began to have physical problems, probably due to the number of matches played in the qualifiers. Today is actually the fourth game in a row for the Frenchman, who appears at the end of the third inning a gaudy (and annoying) bandage. Meanwhile, in each exchange, Sinner appears more and more confident, while on the other side of the field, Mannarino slows down due to injury. In the seventh game, the first game decides the game: Sinner collects 5-2 and when changing court it is the serve that makes the difference (three aces in a row). The debut practice is archived with 6-2.

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