Juventus, another negative record for Allegri: it happened in September

Juventus, another negative record for Allegri: it happened in September

The problems in the Juve environment are obvious. A performance that falls short of expectations at the start of the season translates into a small number of points between the championship and Champions League. Confusion and fears arise that push clubs, staff and players to search for a solution that will give a turning point for the negative period that has continued, with the exception of some severe cases, since the beginning of the season.

To underline the poor performance of Massimiliano Allegri’s team, think about it OptaPaolo Which highlights a disturbing fact. there JuventusIn fact, For the first time in its historyAnd the Playing more than two matches in September in one calendar year without recording a single win.

Juventus Allegri record negativo

However, the ambitions of the Juventus fans are still high, given the new additions at the level, which the Tuscan coach desperately desires and which, at the moment, between injuries, poor physical condition and indefinite exclusion.

Pending the necessary returns and adjustments, the old lady You will have to start again to grind the results. The recipe for success lies in returning to humility, hard work, and finding the right serenity to rediscover one’s qualities.

time flows, Madam More than ever, he needs to take the train to the top.

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