Atlantis, Piccorelli was killed tonight, Wednesday, March 22nd

Atlantis, Piccorelli was killed tonight, Wednesday, March 22nd

AtlantisAnd Tonight on TV Wed March 22 at A 7 investigation programme Andrew Purgatory. In the heart of the transmission, the journalist was killed Mino PiccorelliWhich took place on March 20, 1979. A man killed him with four bullets, one in the face and three in the back. Piccorelli was the custodian of the facts of some of the mysteries and mysteries of the First Republic. Formerly the head of the press office of the Minister of the Metropolitan Fiorentino Solo, he founded L’Osservatore Politico (better known as OP), a press agency that dealt with politics, scandals and pessimism.

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One of his most important investigations is the scandal Italpetroleumthe case Lockheed This is the situation Sendona, as well as several incendiary investigations into the infiltration of Freemasonry into the higher levels of Vatican State. It was his main goal though Giulio Andreotti. So he touched all the powers that be, pushing his life. After 44 years, it is still unclear who killed him and why.

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Atlantis takes on the case with an exclusive interview with Rosita Pecorelli, the journalist’s sister. The woman revealed that her brother had given Pope Luciani the list of infidel bishops. And that very night the Pope died. During the broadcast there will be a cartoon of Mauro Biani.

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