Expired foods, they can be eaten anyway: so nothing goes to waste

Expired foods, they can be eaten anyway: so nothing goes to waste

Expired foods aren’t always thrown away, so it’s important to check to avoid unnecessary waste of money and produce.

Today we talk more and more about food waste, Especially since this has a critical impact on the health of the planet. So it’s not just about wasting money and obviously throwing away food, it’s also about doing serious damage to our lives and the lives of others.

Check the expiry date (Grantennistoscana)

Not just the price hike each product Due to a series of very local factors but also a certain shortage of some products due to the completely unfavorable climate. In general, therefore, great care must be taken to avoid wasting food.

How to avoid food waste: Expired food

How often do you open the refrigerator or read the pantry Expiration date And get rid of the product? It will definitely happen to you and it’s a shame. So the first rule is to target appropriate consumption spending. The data speaks for itself and shows how compulsive buyers we have become.

Food after the expiration date (Grantennistoscana)

Even at work Expenses, We often buy products that we don’t need or an amount of things (especially fresh foods) that we can’t consume anymore. So in general, apart from canned goods and long-term products, a menu should be made to estimate the food consumption per week for all family members, and only buy what is needed. Thus food can always be added but at least not taken away because Expired.

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the problem One of the deadlines in particular today. Indeed, often these do not coincide with the true deterioration of the food and there is a risk of not eating something that is still edible. Work is underway at the European level specifically to revise the wording, in order to prevent people from throwing it away Still good products.

The rule is to avoid eating food after this date, but this is possible for many products check And understand whether the food is good or not. There is clearly a difference between a fresh product and one that contains preservatives, and the latter is sure to have a much longer shelf life. However, even fresh If well preservedThey can be eaten after the expiry date if they are still good.

What products should never be eaten after the expiration date

The question is very urgent some types of food Such as fruit juices, which can easily breed bacteria and fungi, strawberries and red fruits that can cause a parasite, cured meats that are dangerous for listeria bacteria, soft fresh cheeses that can breed mold, green leafy vegetables that cause raw E. coli. Meat that is dangerous for salmonella.

the dry products Alternatively it can often be consumed even after the expiration date. This applies to biscuits, pasta and canned goods. In the case of flour products, they lose their freshness but are not spoiled. Obviously, in each case it is essential to read the labels and what is reported but for each food you have to rely on taste. It happens that even foods that are still within the expiration date are no longer edible because they may have been subjected to inadequate heat or treatments.

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