Terrasse Chef Jordi Farrés won the Dulcypas Award

Terrasse Chef Jordi Farrés won the Dulcypas Award

Chef Jordi Vares of Terrace won the award for best artisanal pasta in Spain with “Amber”, a tea paste cake made in Virginia’s workshop in Agramonte. The cake is sold in special packaging in the brand's stores in Agramont, Barcelona, ​​Reims and Madrid.

With the support of the workshop, Varès won the sixth edition of the Dulcypas Award for the Best Artisanal Tea Pasta in Spain, which was held at the Pastry School in Valencia with nearly 300 participants, a number that strengthens the award given by Dulcypas magazine.

The winning cake is called Amber after being inspired by the refined work of amber in jewellery, and is made with a buttercream and caramel base with a hint of vanilla and little bites of cocoa and hazelnuts. It also includes tangerine and golden baking notes for a richly textured product with fruit, citrus and nuances on the palate.

Jordi Varès received a total of 518.25 points, beating pastry shop Aixa de Puçol, in Valencia, which is in second place, followed by pastry shop Dolç par Yann Duytsche from Sant Cugat del Vallès, all evaluated by a jury of professionals. In this sector.

From the Virginia workshop, its general manager Angel Jobet said: “We are very happy to have won this award, which is a very important recognition for our work with world-famous competitors. I want to thank Jordi and the entire team behind El Taller de Virginias for the passion they put into what they do and their mastery of making sweets.” “. Amber can be purchased at El Taller de Virginias stores.

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