TAC12 TV – Tarragona's economy resists international conflicts

TAC12 TV – Tarragona's economy resists international conflicts

The economy of Camp de Tarragona remains stable despite international conflicts that could change the macroeconomic scenario. This is evidenced by the conclusion of the year 2023 with Recent momentum for Tarragona's economy to grow by 0.6%, raising the global annual rate to 2.4%This is a number that experts consider positive, compared to other regions.

like him It was shown in the showEconomic situation report For the first quarter of 2024 and developed by the Chair for Promoting Business Innovation at the Rovira e Virgili University and strengthening the four Chambers of Commerce to demarcate the boundaries. In this accord value Economic dynamics From the region.

Export diversification

Another aspect that we wanted to focus on in the presentation is: Export health is good From Tarragona companies, which in 2023 rose to 11,000 million euros, representing 11% of Catalonia's exports.

However, experts believe that S'The bet must be diversified regarding the technological industry. In this way, They evaluate the arrival of new industries very positively In these sectors, such as the electric battery plant planned by the Korean company Lotte Energy in Mont Roig del Camp.

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