At least eleven dead. It was an emergency –

At least eleven dead.  It was an emergency –

From our correspondent
NEW YORK – At least 11 people have been killed In the aftermath of 60 tornadoes across the southern and midwestern United States. In Indiana, Arkansas and Illinois, hundreds of thousands of homes, shopping centers and schools were left without power. In the path of the hurricanes there are also several areas of MississippiWhere a death was recorded and the president was visiting her yesterday Joe Biden Promising federal aid, from Kentucky, from Tennessee, from Alabama — which is where news of the first victim came from — from Georgia, from Iowa.

Three people have died in Indiana Others have disappeared, prompting fears that the death toll may be higher. A large tornado struck Little Rock on Friday afternoon instead, Arkansas, resulting in the death of one person, while more than 50 people were injured and hospitalized. Four others were killed in Wayne, a small town in Arkansas where streets are now blocked off by debris from collapsed homes and fallen trees. In Belvedere, Illinois, the roof of the Apollo Theater collapsed, while 260 people were inside for a heavy metal concert by Morbid Angel, Crypta and Skeletal Remains and Revocation: one spectator died, and 28 others were injured, five of them seriously. Even before official help arrives, Some residents ran to try to lift The fallen roof and take out the trapped. A person was rescued from a stuck elevator without electricity. The police chief described the place as “total chaos”.

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