The US administration is investigating Live Nation

The US administration is investigating Live Nation

Ticketmaster mayhem in the United States. The US Department of Justice has opened an investigation into Ticketmaster-owned Live Nation, according to The New York Times. The antitrust investigation precedes failed advance sales of Taylor Swift’s new tour and aims to ascertain whether Live Nation is abusing its power in the live concert industry.

Taylor Swift’s record breaking, “Midnight” is the most streamed album in Spotify history

Taylor Swift ticket chaos

The platform, which has near-total control over access to concerts, sporting events and other entertainment, has canceled ticket sales to the public for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour after fan requests disrupted the system. The 52-concert “Eras” tour, Swift’s first in five years to showcase a slew of new songs not performed live by the artist, is set to kick off March 17 from Glendale, Arizona, and fans are anticipating a On entering one of my dates was sporadic: some, to stay in front of the computer and refresh the Ticketmaster page, or to skip work or a day of school.

Two million tickets sold, then the mile

Between Tuesday and Thursday, 2 million tickets were sold to as many “verified” fans as possible, but then, the platform slipped away when 14 million customers (including several bots, for a total volume that would have filled 900 arenas) tried to gain access, which is not clear. If there is a new pre-sale or how many tickets are still available. However, today’s scheduled sales have been canceled “due to unusually high demand and insufficient remaining stock,” the platform announced. Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers of her generation and is a careful manager of her brand.

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Angry fans

In the past two years, he has released five albums and related marketing, the latest of which, “Midnights” released in October, has sold more than 1.5 million copies in the US alone, a record for the past seven years, while ten songs from “Midnights”, On Billboard’s first top 10 hit show. So it’s no surprise that Taylor loyalists — known as the “Swifties” — are in a rage over the debacle. For ticket offers, initially set at between $49 and $450, ticket prices have skyrocketed—in some cases exceeding $20,000—and on Capitol Hill, politicians have taken notice: After liberal House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. and former Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar Ticketmaster has been accused of monopolistic practices by the antitrust commission chairman.

“Its strength in the core ticket market precludes competitive pressures that typically drive companies to improve their services,” the senator wrote in an open letter to Michael Rapinoe, CEO of Live Nation Entertainment which owns the platform. Consumers pay for it.” Congress deems the 2010 merger with Live Nation: “It should never have been approved,” Ocasio-Cortes argued, asking federal regulators to back off to “create a healthier, more competitive market.” Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has launched an appeal to fans: If they have problems using Ticketmaster, file a complaint with his office.

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