Aguirre does not pardon Puigdemont over Russian plot, sends case to Supreme Court with new crime

President of Court 1 of Barcelona Joaquin AguirreAnd he asked supreme court To investigate Carles Puigdemont Also for criminal organization In the case of the Russian conspiracy or Volkhov.

Send it up because there are two members, Pudigmont and Francis of Dalmatia, The elected members of parliament, in the case in which they are found, are accused of it. betrayal I embezzlement13 of them were investigated in total, including former chief lawyer Artur Mas. Gonzalo Boy Or journalists like Carles Porta.

The judge confirms that none of the three crimes are like that. ForgivableThat is why he refuses to apply the amnesty law to them, another step taken by this judge to indict Puigdemont and the other defendants he met on Tuesday and will arrive the next day.National audience They buried Tsunami cup.

Accused of embezzlement and misappropriation

Last week, his lawyer Puigdemont. Gonzalo Boyand his office manager, Josep Luis AlaiThey complained against Aguirre Al. High Court of Justice of Catalonia accusing him Embezzlement and embezzlement.

The reason is thatBarcelona Hearing Aguirre was forced a month ago to close the investigation into the Russian plot. No evidenceBut after 15 days he reopened it accusing Puigdemont of corruption. Embezzlement and treason.

Then he learned that the judge of the National Court Manuel Garcia Castellonthe person in the tsunami case, had already told Aguirre in March that there was nothing Enough hints To further investigate the Russian conspiracy.

A few days ago it was also leaked to the press. Recorded conversation In his court, where Aguirre boasted of his presence Blow up the amnesty lawHe claimed that the Russian conspiracy would be so. “The Tomba” by Pedro Sanchez.

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