At Cantales Bach between poetry and science with the ARTEM Festival

At Cantales Bach between poetry and science with the ARTEM Festival

The works of Bach poetry and science. His music is a very dense counterpoint, a space between the digitally engineered tones that has managed to become a work of musical art without any equal.

The new interpretation of Bach with study and execution in slow accelerators, as was the custom in the Baroque period, with the concert “Jubel, Schein, Bedeutung” by Messrs Losito and Gugliemin met with the ardent interest of a large audience, present despite the rain, at the closing ceremony of the Cantalice ARTEM 2022, the anticipation of the next album and the new music project “Jubel, Schein, Bedeutung” presented us with an unusual version of Bach’s music, with great performances by both. Masters who, refined and elegant, have interpreted the music with historical sensitivity, endowing the audience with the charm of Bakian’s sound, with its multi-rhythm diversity, unexpected rhythms and harmonious depths. ° Losito recreates a very deep historical echo, an impeccable, clean but soulful vocal style.

M° Gugliemin, a touch of wisdom and precious delicacy, managed in every step to give an extraordinary charm, in an amazing stylistic balance, creating a dance with Maestro Losito that allowed us not to lose sight of the details. , The Suite II in D Minor BWV 1008 – Six Wings Cello Solo without bass, Version for Viola D’Amore transcribed by M° Elvira Muratore, the Chaconne in D minor BWV 1004 – Transcribed by M° Elisabetta Guglielmin from the original for violin solo though From its design for other instruments, however, it reminds us how perfect Bach’s music is to be universal and thus to be played by any instrument in an interesting way. Historical documents of the time tell us), and the perception of time, precisely to ensure that the full range of sensations and all distractions are heard.

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Maestro Lusito manages to interpret the nuances, syllables, accents, harmonic and melodic groupings of each movement with expressive legacies, giving a dimensional experience of movements that, despite the complexity of the pieces, manage to narrate using a charming historical memory and sensitivity. Thanks to the Cantalice ARTEM Festival that allowed us to listen to the outstanding level of these masters who brought us back to old sensations just by listening to their music. Sonia de Santis

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