“For the love of ants and all” –

“For the love of ants and all” –

The series of meetings continues at Pavese Library, via Newton 8/A, Speaking of science, today in Parma, a tribute to Piero Angela. Appointment on Friday, February 3, 2023 from 17.30 to 19 with: “For the love of ants and the rest …”.

The speaker is Donato Grasso, zoologist, expert in biodiversity and animal behavior, professor at the University of Parma. Donato Antonio Grasso is a PhD in Behavioral Science. He currently teaches general zoology, ethnology, sociobiology, and wildlife conservation and management; He also heads the Studies Course in Natural and Environmental Sciences.

His research relates to the ethology, ecology and sociobiology of insects, with particular attention to ants. A former board member of the Italian Society of Ethology and the Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology, he was chair of the Italian section of the International Consortium for the Study of Social Insects. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation of the Civic Museum of Rovereto and of the Scientific Committee of the World Wide Fund for Nature, Italy. He has many articles, studies and ideas published in 2018 for Zanichelli “Il anthill Intelligent” and in 2022 for Utet “Ethology. Study of Animal Behavior

The meeting will be an opportunity to explore some aspects related to the world of ants, Organized, efficient and collaborative microcosm. Suffice it to say that ten million billion ants, meticulously distributed into 14,000 species, have colonized all corners of the Earth and play crucial roles in many ecosystems.

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