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Beijing \ Ice \ – L ‘Italian Embassy in Beijing Today I organized a high-level symposium on scientific and technological research and higher education applied in marine sciences, in coordination with the prestigious Higher Institute of Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), andUniversity of PisaThe Anton Dohren Zoological Station in Naples and the Zhejiang Ocean University (ZOU). At the event, which was held online, and opened by the Ambassador Luca Ferrarimajor Italian and Chinese exponents were involved in the academic and research world of marine sciences.
The symposium – emphasizes the Embassy – constituted another important step in the scientific cooperation between Italy and China in the field of marine sciences, preferably also through the establishment of networks between universities and research centers. During the workshop, innovative higher education projects were proposed within the Combined Maritime School, established by the University of Pisa and Zhejiang Ocean University, through which research on emerging and strategic issues related to marine sciences is exchanged.
The event was also an opportunity to Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between ISPRA and Zhejiang Ocean University For the period 2022-2025 and submit a New joint lab in marine sciences between ZOU, ISPRA and University of Pisa.
In his opening remarks, Ambassador Ferrari underlined the importance of “strengthening cooperation between Italy and China in the field of scientific and technological research in the field of marine sciences, as well as through the international mobility of students and researchers. The sea is the largest ecosystem on our planet and a valuable ally in the fight against climate change. The plan also emphasizes The United Nations 2030 – added the ambassador -, we must protect this irreplaceable heritage, without which sustainable development would not be possible.The joint commitment of Italian and Chinese researchers represents a fundamental example of how, only together, we will be able to meet the greatest challenges of our time, nor Especially the challenges of climate change. (aise)

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