December 8, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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The observation negates the starting point.

Two years of the pandemic have made clear a terrible truth: in Italy it is also possible to evade the basic principles enshrined in the Constitution, as evidenced by the imposition of the duty to vaccinate, which is still in force for health workers. if it was the current He puts before us a nice, if not completely fake, reality, and passes it on as the only possible, we need someone who can tear Maya’s veil. for Fabio DuranteAnd the “It will be necessary to rebuild a group of people who do not have a conflict of interest, have a culture that can spread thought, stir people’s minds and explain, while leaving the decision to everyone’s conscience, because It is impossible in a civilized country to force people to use drugsunless they are persons who pose an imminent danger to society. This is the principle that has been discovered since 1200: Magna Carta For this, as wellIssuing a summons. But even in ancient times this matter was spoken of, think only of Euclid and all those who have true knowledge at heart.”.

The science is actually. The truth, which is often accused of conspiracy even if it simply does its job: revealing the truth on the basis of observing the facts. It is said that there are anti-science groups, but the opposition cannot be described, nor can it be used to speak inappropriately. If we read the meaning of the word “science” on Wikipedia, the answer is clear: “By science we mean a system of knowledge obtained through research activity primarily organized by systematic and rigorous procedures, combining experimentation and logical reasoning based on a set of axioms, typical For official majors […] The experimental method, typical of modern science, was introduced by Galileo Galileiis planning to Continuously check that experimental observations are consistent with the developed hypotheses and arguments‘: So, if they tell you that the vaccine is good for you and eradicates the disease, you do it and you get sick, the observation negates the starting point. So, science is the one who noticed and said things are bad and not the ones who told you you have to inject it or else you risk the job. Do you understand what science is? Back to school!.