Assault on Capitol Hill, a subpoena for the big names on the Internet – North America

Double penetration in the investigation of the US Congressional Committee of Inquiry into the bloody attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2020, which killed five people. A subpoena has been issued against all major social platforms, from Facebok to Twitter, and Reddit to YouTube, which are controlled by Google and controlled by the Alphabet group. Meanwhile, the FBI has arrested Stuart Rhodes, the leader and founder of the far-right militia of the Oaths of War, on charges of sabotage and conspiracy against the country. Leaders of large networks have been accused of not providing all the information requested since last August: “Two of the key issues of the investigation – says the Congressional Committee of Inquiry – are how the spread of disinformation and violent extremism on the network contributed to the attack on our democracy and the steps that social media have taken, if I have taken it, to prevent its programs from being a breeding ground for the radicalization of so many people by driving them to violence.” Violence like that perpetrated by Stewart Rhodes’ department guards, who ended up in prison. He would have been a key figure in organizing the uprising aimed at reversing the outcome of the presidential election, and preventing the Senate from certifying Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. This is the first time that investigators have been involved in the search for the truth on January 6 a year ago and the Justice Department is moving on charges of sabotage, he also challenged ten other people involved in the investigation. Rhodes—a former U.S. Army paratrooper, Yale graduate and former collaborator of Liberal Congressman Ron Paul—founded the Oath Keepers in Texas in March 2009, making them the most important far-right paramilitary group in the United States alongside the Proud Boys. . On the day of the attack on the Capitol, right after Trump’s rally, Rhodes was certainly on Capitol Hill, communicating by phone and talking with some members and leaders of his group who had entered the corridors and halls of Congress invaded by a rioting mob. There would be no evidence that he was also inside the palace, but it was certain that he was the one who gave directions and instructions to the men in his group. The arrest warrant reads how Rhodes and his men are accused of not only entering the building by force, using military tactics and attacking Capitol and Washington police officers who were trying to rein in the crowd, but also of organizing a real “quick” campaign. The Reaction Task Force” who was stationed at the nearby Virginia Hotel in Washington, is ready to intervene if necessary. Defense lawyers have always maintained that these people have been assigned to serve as bodyguards to protect important friends and allies of Donald Trump present on the day of the protest, such as the controversial Roger Stone “The Patriots must take matters into their own hands,” Rhodes wrote Jan. 6 in a post on the Signal podium after the Capitol siege began.

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