Incredible Ferrari: the news that moves the world is a true miracle

Incredible Ferrari: the news that moves the world is a true miracle

A beautiful Ferrari had an unfortunate accident, and what happened next was even more ridiculous. All the details.

trade mark Ferrari He has always created dream cars, which sometimes end up in the hands of people who are not able to drive them to the best of their ability. Many times we hear about bad incidents related to themBeing supercars with enormous power, they can react very surprisingly to the steering of those behind the wheel.

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Recently, violent incidents have occurred in places like Houston, Texas, Or even in a tunnel in Türkiye, but fortunately no one was hurt. Today we’re going to tell you about a Ferrari that got damaged in China, but then again, things turned out for the best. The story behind the story is ridiculous.

Ferrari, what happened to the F8 Tributo

between Ferrari The most beautiful and unique of recent years is certainly the F8 Tributo, which replaced the 488 GTB and was equipped with a V8 biturbo engine. The tribute is associated with bidding farewell to that particular engine, the F154which were replaced by other specifications on later models. Unfortunately, Prancing Horse cars often get into unpleasant events and bad accidents, but this time, it’s really none of the owner’s business.

Ferrari F8 What a sight
Ferrari F8 on display (YouTube) –

The event took place in China, where Cavallino’s yellow car from Modena was hit by an electric tricycle, and it should be noted right away that no one was injured. actually, The light car hit the F8 Tributo slightly, causing minor mirror damageBut this is definitely not news. The cool behavior of the supercar’s owner sparked a discussion, in a completely positive way, in a situation where someone else could have acted much worse.

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It should be noted that, according to local media reports, the owner was not sitting behind the wheel, but rather a man who rented it. The latter demanded $26,000 in damages, which turned out to be a very low number. In fact, the damage was caused, as we mentioned, by an electric tricycle, which at that moment was being driven by a man with disabilities. It all happened in Shanghai, one of the largest and most populous cities on the planet.

The person behind the wheel of a Ferrari He said the “offender” tried to flee, but was quickly stopped. So far, nothing seems absurd, as the authorities arrived at the event area and asked the person driving the electric tricycle to take full responsibility for what happened.

at that point, The F8 Tributo driver noticed the other person’s physical problems and asked for only a nominal amount, has nothing to do with the true size of the damage done to him. The story was symbolic, and the man behind the wheel of the F8 Tributo was immediately applauded for his decision.

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