Emergency has been activated

emergency a San Francisco. The Democratic and Progressive Mayor of London Post decided that the only way to address the death crisis of overdose What affects Tenderloin is the suspension of the rule of law, the mandate of the police to fight crime with shortcuts and shortcuts. Extraordinary measures, even more surprising as a young representative of the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party decides, in the most tolerant and tolerant city in the United States. The measures are due, after 700 drug-related deaths recorded last year, and may equalize by 2021.
National alert
The death crisis from legal heroin, fentanyl, and opioids doesn’t stop at the gates of California: Just a few weeks ago, the national drug overdose total passed the 100,000-unit cap, compared to 50,000. Years ago. The United States is the largest consumer of hard drugs in the world. Fentanyl from China kills at least 100 people a day in major cities, while suburbs are flooded with methamphetamine produced in Mexico.

Gianluca and Flavio were killed by methadone. Relatives: “They paid the price for their transgression, and now there is no more poison against us.”

Added to this volume of poison is a very large number of unsuspecting patients, to whom doctors have prescribed opiate-based painkillers for only years recently banned from trade, and who have created millions of employees.
Tenderloin has long been a problematic neighborhood for city police in San Francisco. The name itself, referring to a bovine circumference cut, appears to have been coined to describe the purulent gut core of the urban tissue. She has always been next to outcasts, social outcasts, and homeless. Even the super-rich wave that swept the city by invading the dot coms at the beginning of the century was able to remedy the Dickensian contradiction between the wealth of the northern edge of Union Square, the south of the Municipal District, and the chronic poverty pocket that affects the meat tenderloin between the two edges.

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The disparity may have worsened as property prices in the rest of the small downtown skyrocket, driven by exorbitant wages for Silicon Valley workers. And perhaps it was the equally abrupt retreat of the same super-class of workers, swept up in the shift of digital companies from California to Texas and New Mexico, that exposed an epidemic that had been buried under the weight of dollars in the past decade.
Suddenly, the destruction of some buildings in the neighborhood surfaced, as well as the anger of the rest of the citizens in front of many slums that live on the streets, whose existence in the time of Covid threatens public health. Once the city council has endorsed the mayor’s decision, the police will have the authority, for a period of ninety days, to disregard certain arrest procedures that ensure that the suspects’ rights are respected. He will be able to organize tours and bring drug dealers to trial in a short time.

Drugs, new clan alliances to control the drug trade in Rome

Breed does not hide the fact that the ultimate goal is to clear the streets of the many city dwellers who sleep on the sidewalks, who often live off petty crime to keep walking. This neglected group is also the most vulnerable and porous on the hard drug market, and the mayor believes that without complete elimination, the overdose problem will never be resolved.
This is not the first time that such a proposal has been announced in one of the major capitals of the United States. Surprisingly, this is happening in liberal San Francisco, not in a city run by a conservative mayor. If the intervention works and reduces crime, there is a long list of urban centers run by Democrats (Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, NY) with the same problems, which may be tempted to follow suit. An example is the city of California.

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