A man and wife who found a mummified body in a closet committed suicide after 8 months. I thought it was missing

A man and wife who found a mummified body in a closet committed suicide after 8 months.  I thought it was missing

Richard Maydge, 53, of Illinois, was first reported missing on April 27, 2022. On several occasions, his wife reported foul odors coming from the property.

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She searched for him for eight months, thinking he was missing. Then the shocking discovery: The man committed suicide And for him The body was inside the closet. It was his wife who found him while she was looking for a box of Christmas decorations.

events occurred in illinois, in the United States of America. vanishement Richard MidgeThe 53-year-old was first reported on April 27, 2022 and authorities searched at least twice the home he was living in with his wife, Jennifer, in Troy, to try to find him.

Either way, the officers reported spotting a “sewage-like” smell on the property, which they described as “a home of serial hoarders.”

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Only on December 11, eight months after the disappearance, did Jennifer accidentally come across her husband’s body while looking for Christmas decorations, did she find the man’s body in a closet she rarely opened, inside the bedroom.

Now the detectives have issued a report on the case, which has become public knowledge: the man is Richard who committed suicide and his body had passed the stage of decomposition and was mummified when it was discovered.

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Jennifer said the last time she heard from her husband was when he called to tell her he was leaving work early. When she returns home, she finds Richard’s car parked in front, the keys and wallet in the house, but no sign of him. Later, on several occasions, the woman complained of Unpleasant odors Coming from the house, without understanding where they came from, not even with the intervention of a plumber.

However, a police detective determines that the mummified bodies do not emit odors, which may help Richard go undetected for a long time.

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