Ascoli-Cremonese 0-0: Final score and highlights

Ascoli-Cremonese 0-0: Final score and highlights
  • Ascoli's score rose to 23 points, 4 points from the safety zone. Cremonesi (46) remains in second place, but is vulnerable to overtaking Cuomo and Venice.23:23

  • With persistence and determination, Ascoli derails Cremonese and manages to get a very important point from the point of view of salvation with his heart and organization. Stroppa's side leaves two points that could be important in the prospect of an outright promotion chase. The visitors create something more with the entry of the former Tsadjut onto the field who scored the goal midway through the second half, which was then disallowed due to Cernicola's erratic active positioning. In the second half, Kasturi's boys also had two great chances, the last of which was in full recovery with Bianchetti pulling Sting back at the moment of scoring.22:43

  • 90'+7'

    game over. Ascoli Cremonese 0-0. Chances from both teams and a disallowed goal for the visitors. But in the end, a draw is an achievable result based on what we saw on the field.22:40

  • 90'+2'

    Opportunity for Ascoli to counterattack! Strange comes face to face with Jongdahl but is currently being held together by a great defensive putback from Bianchetti.22:35

  • 90'+1'

    So much fatigue on the field, it only takes one episode to break the balance. Ascoli now protects the point.22:34

  • 90'

    There will be five minutes of stoppage time.22:33

  • 89'

    Tsadgout again for Cremonsesi: He finds space for a right-footed shot from the edge but he hits it very poorly, sending the ball back.22:32

  • 87'

    An alternative to cream. Vasquez out, Bickle in22:30

  • 86'

    Quagliata (Cremonese) was caught offside on Castagnetti's panoramic launch. However, the shot at the near post was controlled in two stages by Viviano.22:30

  • 85'

    Yellow card for Ascoli. Di Tacchio was booked after a late challenge on Tsadgot.22:28

  • 83'

    Replacement for Ascoli. Mendes comes out, Milani comes in.22:27

  • 83'

    Replacement for Ascoli. Mantovani outside, box office inside.22:27

  • 81'

    Direct shot from Cremonesi, assisted by Tsadgot and passed by Cernicola. A conclusion with a high difficulty coefficient ends with a high score.22:27

  • 80'

    An alternative to cream. Exit Zanemachia and enter Quagliata.22:24

  • 80'

    Yellow card for Ascoli. Falzerano was also warned.22:24

  • 79'

    Jongdal took a risk, and could only go close from Falzerano's free-kick. The ball goes into the corner.22:22

  • 78'

    This is already the second time that Vazquez has clearly protested against Machetti, and risks a second warning.22:22

  • 76'

    Cremonesi tries Vazquez's pass to Tsadgot, who shoots and falls from a position far from the centre. Nothing is done and the ball is down.22:19

  • 71'

    Yellow card for Cremonese. Ciofani was booked from the bench for the protests.22:25

  • 70'

    Yellow card for Ascoli. Vaisanen holds Tsadgot.22:13

  • 68'

    The match is now a bit fragmented, and the teams are trying to regain the distance they have achieved after numerous changes. Even if the current stalemate seems more favorable to Cremonese.22:12

  • 65'

    Replacement for Ascoli. Celia out, Zedadka in.22:08

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  • 65'

    Replacement for Ascoli. Rodriguez is out, Strange is in.22:08

  • 62'

    Disallowed goal in Cremonese! Tsadgot scored as soon as he came on after Avina Gyan's touch, but it all started with a cross from Zanemacchia from the left which Cernicola (in an irregular position) went on to challenge Mantovani for the ball. The goal was validated first but then Marchetti, called for a screen by VAR, was disallowed due to Cernicola's active positioning. 22:09

  • 59'

    Chance to listen! Falzerano was very close to deflecting the win on Rodriguez's low end. The ball just nailed the post, and Jungdal was beaten.22:02

  • 58'

    An alternative to cream. Coda is out, Tsadgot is in.22:01

  • 58'

    An alternative to cream. Faletti is out, Avena Gyan is in.22:00

  • 55'

    Ascoli protests the counter-attack is stopped by Marchetti due to an attacking foul by Rodriguez who lands on Bianchetti, but only after Castagnetti loses his balance. 21:59

  • 54'

    Replacement for Ascoli. Caligara is out, Dovizi is in.21:57

  • 52'

    Jongdal hits a direct free kick for Ascoli. The ball bounced a bit in the penalty area but eventually Marchetti caught an attacking foul.21:56

  • 50'

    Bianchetti's (Cremonesi) physical problems: An ankle problem leaves him with a noticeable limp. Try to keep going anyway.21:54

  • 48'

    Yellow card for Cremonese. Violent intervention by Vasquez on Di Taccio.21:52

  • 47'

    Vazquez (Cremonese) moves into the area and finds space for the left-footed player despite the man on him. The ball is not far from the goal.21:51

  • 46'

    beginning of the second half. We start again with a change in the gray and red color rows.23:23

  • 46'

    An alternative to cream. Ravanelli comes out and Luchoshvili comes in.21:49

  • There have been two yellow cards so far: Ravanelli and Zanemacchia, both for Cremonese.21:36

  • In the first half, Ascoli was shrouded in fog and was better than Cremonese in terms of intensity and volume of play. However, the clearest chances came from Struppa's side with a header from Zanemacchia and a header from Vazquez. Instead, the attacking phase of Marche's team is often inspired by Rodriguez who, however, is missing in the finishing phase. 21:36

  • 45'+3'

    End of the first half: Ascoli-Cremonese 0-0. The hosts were more proactive and intense in the first half, but there were also two chances for Cremonese. The outcome is still in the balance.21:37

  • 45'+2'

    Calligara ignores two teammates and shoots the ball from distance. The ball is too far from Cremonesi's goal.21:30

  • 45'

    There will be three minutes of extra time. 21:28

  • 45'

    Decisive but regular closing by Rafanelli in the Cremonese area on the introduction of Celia.21:28

  • 44'

    Masini (Ascoli) shoots beautifully from the outside after chesting the ball. The ball ends wide.21:26

  • 41'

    Ascoli looks for a deep cross with Calligara. The ball is at the far post and there are no teammates ready to clear it. 21:24

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  • 38'

    Rodriguez forgives the Cremonese! Antoff and Rafanelli are incomprehensible when they open the door for the Spaniard who once again allows himself one touch too many in the area and is closed down.21:22

  • 36'

    Meanwhile, the fog has finally lifted for Del Duca. 21:20

  • 35'

    Vasquez is back! A cross from the left side from Cernicola in the third half from Modo, who has a good effect, but finds a quick response from Viviano, who pushes it sideways.21:19

  • 34'

    Cremonese risks chaos! Jongdahl in disengagement gives the ball to Mendes who is currently off balance allowing the goalkeeper to recover.21:17

  • 29'

    A potential opportunity wasted by Rodriguez, who in the area, after Celia's vertical suggestion, instead of kicking with his left foot, tries to return with his right, which ultimately wastes time.21:14

  • 29'

    Yellow card for Cremonese. Tactical foul by Zanimacchia on Celia.21:12

  • 28'

    Cremoni is close to the advantage! Long throw to reward Zanimacchia to the right of centre, Viviano runs out of time and allows the opposition to shoot the ball. Near the line Pelosi cleared the head. 21:12

  • 27'

    Ascoli tries again from the outside as Calligara hits his teammate Rodriguez in the face. The Spaniard needs a few seconds to recover. 21:10

  • 23'

    Rodriguez moves, looks at Jongdahl from 20 meters out and shoots. But he does so without finding the door.21:06

  • 21'

    A cross shot from Mendes did not catch Jongdahl off guard. However, Ascoli were better in this first part of the match.21:04

  • 20'

    From a corner kick, Calligara (Ascoli) looks for a rebound shot inside the area, but it is blocked by Rafanelli for a corner kick.21:03

  • 17'

    Ascoli were dangerous again as Mendes Bianchetti's header from Calligara's cross crossed. Easy central ball for Jongdal.21:01

  • 16'

    Chance to listen! A decentralized free kick from Calligara goes straight towards the goal with force. Jungdal holds the position well and somehow shakes it up.20:59

  • 12'

    Yellow card for Cremonese. Ravanelli was booked for an open foul on Rodriguez, who remains bruised and in severe pain.20:57

  • 12'

    Cremonesi advances up the field and wastes a good opportunity with Faleti, who shoots the ball from an excellent position.20:56

  • 12'

    Lined up in the Ascoli area in the fog. Marchetti was close and left him.20:55

  • 10'

    Cremonesi responded with a free kick taken by Vazquez, which collided with a corner kick from Massini. Good first descent by Cernicola to the right.20:52

  • 9'

    Ascoli reappears near Jongdal with Celia weakly kicked. But the latter started from an offside position after Di Takeo's touch. 21:01

  • 6'

    First chance for Ascoli from a corner kick: Valzerano takes the corner and Vaisanen goes to challenge Bianchetti for the ball in the sky. The ball ends up high on the crossbar and the referee awards a goal kick.20:49

  • 4'

    At this stage, it is difficult to see the players on the field from the stands due to the fog. 20:47

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  • 2'

    Great pressure starts from Ascoli, who entered the match strongly. 20:44

  • 1'

    He started Ascoli Cremonese. The first acquisition of the landowners.20:43

  • Before the start of the match, a minute of silence was observed to mourn the tragedy in Florence.20:41

  • Here are the two teams hitting the turf! The match is about to start.20:39

  • The match will start (late) despite the heavy fog surrounding the Del Duca area: we are waiting for the two teams to enter the field.20:34

  • There is a lot of fog on the pitch, low visibility: captains Bellucci and Bianchetti are on the pitch with referee Marchetti to understand whether the conditions are suitable for playing. Kick-off will be delayed a bit but we must get going.21:41

  • The match referee is Matteo Marchetti from Ostia Lido and assistants Edoardo Raspolini from Livorno and Damiano Margani from Latina. Fourth referee Giorgio Di Cicco from Lanciano. In VAR Davide Massa from Imperia, assistant VAR Gianpiero Melli from Nola.20:27

  • The usual 3-5-2 plan for Cremonese and there is no real development: on the field is the former Cernicola and the duo of Vazquez and Coda. There are no Madjer and Johnson, both of whom are ineligible, as well as Toya who is not available in Kolokolo.20:26

  • Many new features in the 3-4-1-2 formation chosen by Castori. Captain Potygin made a surprise exit, with Vaisanen taking his place with Pelosi at centre-back. In attacking midfield, Calligara was favored over Dovizi, directly inside the returning Mendes alongside Rodriguez. Bogdan, Galliolo and Nestorovki are absent due to injury, in addition to the suspended Valzagna.20:26

  • Cremonese formation (3-5-2): Jongdal – Antoff, Ravanelli, Bianchetti – Cernicola, Abrego, Castagnetti, Valetti, Zanemacchia – Vazquez, Coda.20:13

  • Ascoli lineup (3-4-1-2): Viviano – Mantovani, Pelusi, Vaisanin – Valzerano, Masini, Di Taccio, Celia – Calligara – Mendes, Rodriguez. 20:13

  • In contrast, Cremonese are the team that performs best away from home with an average of 2.09 points.20:10

  • Ascoli have only won three times at home this season and in previous matches in del Duca they have lost four out of four to their rivals on match day.20:10

  • Cremonese occupies second place in the standings (a position that guarantees direct promotion) with 45 points, and continues its chase against Parma, which is six points away from it. The Gregorossi is seeking three valuable points to move away from Venice and Como.20:03

  • Ascoli is in the midst of a battle to stay in 17th place. 22 points have been collected so far, as a result of five wins, seven draws and 12 knockouts. The team coached by Kasturi is coming off two consecutive defeats to Südtirol and Catanzaro. 20:01

  • Welcome to the live broadcast of Ascoli-Cremonese, the match that opens the twenty-fifth day of the 2023/24 Serie B Championship.19:04

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Chino and Lillo del Duca
    City: Ascoli Piceno
    Capacity: 20,550 spectators19:04

    Cino and Lillo del DucaFonti: Getty Images
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