Italy qualifies for the round of 16 of the European Championship if… in all groups

So we still have to wait The first referee in the European Championship Born in Group B, Italy match, led by Luciano Spalletti, who is expected to play the match against Italy tomorrow (Thursday, June 20). Spain. And the match against Fury Ross could push the Azzurri to the top immediately Round of 16, Or postpone the qualifying discussion until the third and final day of the group stage.

If Italy wins over Spain…

The simplest “set” is also the rosiest in Italy: With victory over Spain, Donnarumma and his teammates will immediately qualify for the round of 16. Above all they will have security when closed First place in the group Thanks to live clashes (here the standings are updated in real time).

translator: Before, Italy will face one of the best third-placed teams (from Group A, D, E or F) in the Round of 16. However, as the second, she would find second place in the first group.

What happens in case of a tie?

with Association But against Spain, the pass to the round of 16 will not be calculated directly after the match against the Red Furies. The only certainty will be in No blue elimination, Because – in the worst case scenario – Italy will finish their group in third place. We remember that The top two national teams from each group, in addition to the four best third-placed teams, qualify for the round of 16. In short, with Spain drawing on the final day against Croatia, Italy will only need to go unbeaten to finish second in Group B.

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How does the Round of 16 race change in the event of a defeat to Spain?

Finally, if the Azzurri lose to Spain, they will first be sure of that He lost the top spot in the group The final match against the Croats will be a “play-off” to continue the dream in Germany.

Rules: How to Create a Best Third

In addition to the first in each group, as we mentioned, The four best third-placed teams also qualify for the round of 16 of the European Championship. These are the criteria that are taken into consideration to draw a mini-ranking of the third places in each group:

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