Exercising on an empty stomach helps you lose weight: myth or reality?

Exercising on an empty stomach helps you lose weight: myth or reality?

To eat or not to eat before training It should be a personal decision that each person makes after listening to their body and seeing what feels best. It's an eternal debate, though Useful for Slim bottom? It is clear that It is not useful to exercise on a full stomachBecause if we eat, it is better to wait an hour or two between eating and exercising, because the digestion process requires a greater concentration of blood in the digestive system. but, There are some people who also cannot tolerate training without eating at least something light shortly before starting to exercise.

newly Science has given us a possible answer On this great question. A study conducted by Nottingham Trent University It has been proven that training on an empty stomach It can be beneficial for weight lossIt was also published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Exercising specifically without eating anything helped Burn about 70% more fat, Unlike those who exercise two hours after eating.

In the same way, The researchers also found that participants who exercised in the morning on an empty stomach and ate the night beforeDon't overcompensate for the calories you skipped earlier in the day. As the researchers point out, The benefits of exercise can be increased when practiced in the morning and after an overnight fast.

Exercising without eating anything helps burn about 70% more fat. SD

However, because they saw that between 4pm and 8pm was the most popular time of day to exercise, they designed the study so that participants would use an exercise bike at 6:30pm for 30 minutes. In this case, participants did this twice on separate days. The first time is after fasting for seven hours, and the second time is after eating two hours before.

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Dinner is also important

In addition, the researchers also measured the amount of food the participants ate at dinner after exercising, to see if exercising on an empty stomach made them eat more at night. finally, The results showed that practicing fasting at night increases the amount of fat burned during exercise. Specifically, the amount of fat burned during the 30-minute session increased by 70%. In the case of eating calories at dinner, this was about 100 calories more than those who exercised while fasting. However, total calories eaten during the day were 440 calories lower on average than when the exercise was performed on an empty stomach.

As Tommy Slater, a sports science researcher at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Science and Technology, explains: “Fasting before exercising at night can benefit some health factors by increasing the amount of fat burned during exercise or by reducing the amount of calories consumed during the day.. This way, if done regularly, “it can improve the way the body handles high blood sugar after eating.” However, despite the benefits of fasting for exercise, more study is needed, as some people may not benefit from exercising on an empty stomach.

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