Beatriz Borromeo and the leak on Juan Carlos on Netflix: “Vittorio Emanuel’s confession is the scoop”

Beatriz Borromeo and the leak on Juan Carlos on Netflix: “Vittorio Emanuel’s confession is the scoop”

Journalist Beatriz Borromeo is talking today about the audio recording of King Juan Carlos of Spain in the documentaries prince on Netflix. In an interview given to Corriere della Sera The presenter recalls that Prince Vittorio Emanuele admits that he witnessed the accident that took the life of the king’s 15-year-old brother. «The fact that Savoy, during his adolescence, that is, in the years when he knew everything about the world, witnessed an accident similar to his own, which caused a death was immediately covered up (death of Juan Carlos’ younger brother, Alfonso, who was killed by an accidental bullet, ed.) , is the missing piece to truly understand Cavallo’s story,” says Borromeo in his conversation with Paola Polo.


Borromeo then explains how he obtained the confession: «Vittorio Emanuele repeated the story of Juan Carlos several times at the end of the interview, to me and then to other members of the crew. It was he himself, quite spontaneously, who connected the two events. I think he did it because of the profound similarity between them, both in the dynamics of the accidents and in how they were dealt with afterwards. So I think he wanted to tell us so we can fully understand the context in which he grew up. It was sensitive material, but when Paolo Bernardelli, our executive producer, had the idea to put the recording on hold, we immediately realized it worked, because it gave that extra explanation so that we could re-read the three episodes with a new awareness.” He adds that “that scoop might seem separate from the rest only to a casual observer.”

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Emmanuel Filiberto

On the other hand, Emanuele Filiberto declares that he is not repentant and I think he should not be, because a deep and unpublished image emerges from him. I was so glad he considered the documentary balanced, and with his help we were able to open many other windows into the prince’s life: his childhood, the years of exile, his love affair with Marina, Iran, and being a neglected son who managed to break that emotional dynamic by becoming a good father. Which makes, among other things, the fact that Emmanuel will defend him, regardless of the rest of his life, so humane.”

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