Art in relation to science for the third edition of the conference exhibition at the Place Rasiglia

Art in relation to science for the third edition of the conference exhibition at the Place Rasiglia

Foligno – Art, Science and Solidarity: This is what the third edition of the interdisciplinary exhibition conference between Art and Science looks like, which will take place tomorrow, Sunday 24 July in the beautiful setting of the small city of Venice, in Rasiglia. The event was launched in 2019 and is sponsored by architect Maurizio Tonti and Dr. Claudio Santelli.

New this year will be the presentation of a one-of-a-kind art project: “Participating Sculptures: Great Artists in Service to Society”.

The event will take place at Ex Lanificio Accoriboni – Sala Dino Tonti. The factory is located in the heart of the Umbrian village, overlooking a crystal clear water mirror, in the surrounding natural context: a space steeped in history and art and at the same time a hotbed of innovative ideas and projects.

An art gallery that will have its first stop at the end of the summer with the installation in Rasiglia of the work designed by the same architect, then continues throughout the year with the completion of a series of participatory sculptures that will be conceptualized and painted and signed by internationally renowned artists. The works will be created by assembling several pieces materially forged by Maurizio Tonti. Each sculpture will then be the focus of a temporary exhibition held in an Italian city, at the end of which an auction will take place, the proceeds of which will be donated to charities to support socially useful facts, which have been verified and selected with the artist.

The goal is, through the pieces that make up the works, to ideally unite everyone who joined them, people from the different Italian regions, united by the desire to use art as an instrument of belonging, sharing and collaboration.

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This conference and the new exhibition entitled “Art and Electromagnetic Information of Light Transmitted to Chromophores in the Cell” focuses on linking art to new scientific discoveries that have emerged on these atomic clusters (chromophores are cellular ‘sensors’ of light) located in the interior of protein structures, capable of absorbing Light and the generation of structural dynamics in the proteins that surround it with subsequent modulation of cellular biological activity. One application of this function in the medical field is photomodulation (PBM), which uses light signals, with frequencies in the near infrared (NIR), to stimulate stem cells and increase energy in mature cells.

New studies are underway to evaluate the possible applications of PBM in regenerative medicine and anti-aging and to observe epigenetic effects (that is, genetic modifications that lead to changes in gene expression without altering DNA sequences) that can give rise to biophysical signals through specific technical facilities at the biological level.

By applying this knowledge in the art of the future, which is increasingly becoming an immersive user experience, it will be possible to create installations where, using specific light frequencies, the visitor will be able to perceive a deep biological presence and also an interesting sensory well-being.


The premise that led to the conference was the creation and dissemination of participatory sculptures designed by architect Tonti in Rasiglia itself and in Spoleto: an open-air gallery, born from a desire to engage citizens and visitors in the creation of these sculptures, by assembling the single parts that, once joined, create a work Unique and original, whose shape, although always different, is based on mathematical algorithms encoded by geometric shapes found in nature.

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Hence, in 2019, meeting with Dr. Claudio Santelli, a physician very interested in art, who by passion enrolled in a two-year specialist in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino, at that time organized his degree thesis by analyzing this phenomenon.

The 2022 edition of the Rasiglia Gallery Conference is honored to have three prestigious sponsors from the Georgica Treiensis Academy, Liszt Academy of Musical Arts (ALMA) and Rogante Engineering Studio.


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Arch Maurizio Tonti

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