We would be less likely to have Parkinson’s disease with this disease and for science it would be a surprising discovery

We would be less likely to have Parkinson’s disease with this disease and for science it would be a surprising discovery

Parkinson’s disease may be a disabling degenerative disease, which would harm not only movement, but also the communication part. In fact, it could have been linked to a brain disease, which would have repercussions similar to dementia. Both diseases may be driven by the death of some important neurons. However, in the case of Parkinson’s disease, the neurons that are related to the motor field are no longer functioning. The result will be a loss of control of the movements.

Tremors may be a symptom of Parkinson’s disease, which can cause significant physical difficulty. Moreover, the possibility of an exacerbation of the disease, which may affect other functions, will not be excluded.

Parkinson’s disease, in most cases, affects older adults with an average age of about 70 years. However, there will be exceptions. Indeed, for the sake of genetics, even the smallest people can be affected. Often, Parkinson’s disease and dementia can be linked. People with the disease are more likely to develop some type of dementia. However, we would be less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease with this disease.

heart attack

Science would have made an unexpected and surprising discovery. there Veronese Foundation A study has resumed that a person who has had a heart attack will be less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease. It will be the conclusion of the study, published in the “Journal of the American Heart Association,” in which 182,000 patients who were going to have a heart attack could have been followed for several years.

The data would have shown that among different patients with different diseases, those who had heart attacks had a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. For science, this would be good news, because after a heart attack one would have a high risk of developing other diseases, including neurodegenerative ones.

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We would be less likely to have Parkinson’s disease with this disease and for science it would be a surprising discovery

After this discovery, it appears that research is ongoing and that it was a starting point to investigate the matter, as well as to focus on further studies. Furthermore, it has been found that some common risk factors among these diseases have less relevance to Parkinson’s disease.

In fact, if major risk factors such as hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure and diabetes were highly relevant in the event of a heart attack, they would not have the same effect on the disease. It may seem a contradiction, but the study would have come to these conclusions.

However, we remind you that this article is for information only and does not intend to replace the opinion of a doctor, which is the undisputed opinion. Therefore, we ask questions of experts on this topic, who will know how to provide more detailed information.

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